Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar*

...studied in Pakistan. Two new species, Oxyopes chenabensis new species, and Oxyopes bidentata new species are being reported from Punjab.


Bijan Kumar Das

Incidence of Aleurocanthus spp. (Aleyrodidae: Hemiptera) on betelvine (Piper betle L.) and their interaction with host plants
...c survey in betelvine, a new species of Aleurocanthus (description under process) was recorded from West Bengal. This had also been found to occur on Piper longum L. Another species, A. nubilance (Buckton) which was recorded on betelvine in Bangladesh during 1900, was not recorded in this area. Detection of host resistance against insect pests is very relevant for genetic improvement programmes. Till date, scanty information is available on the source of toler...
Nasreen Memon1,*, Rukhsana Parveen2 and Imtiaz Ahmad2, Nadir Ali Shah3
...n, including present two new species from Sindh province. These two new species are described, illustrated and compared with the allied species. Illustrations include dorsal view, scent gland apparatus, external and internal male and female genitalia. A key of nine species is also given.
Salma Javed, Saima Majeed, Nasira Kazi and Shahina Fayyaz*
...olaimus mubarakvilli new species is described and illustrated from specimens collected from sediments of Mubarak Village in Karachi, Pakistan. The new species is characterized by a cuticle bearing 20-22 longitudinal ridges, tail conical, tapering evenly to narrow terminus 116-128 µm long. Cellular body content extending 2/3 of the tail length. Heterodorus longidens (Jairajpuri and Loof, 1968) Andrassy, 2009 ...

 Mian Sabahatullah*, Manzoor Ahmad Mashwani**, Qurratul Ain Tahira* and Mian Inayatullah*

...tral area of Pakistan. A new species, Charmon ovchinnikovi, is described, illustrated and compared with its closely related species Charmon extensor. The new species is different from C. extensor because of different sculpture of metasomal tergum 1 and shape of pterostigma. Pterostigma is 3X longer than broad in this new species, while it is 5X longer than broad in C. extensor. The additio...
Pei-Ying Peng1,2, Xian-Guo Guo1,2,* and Dao-Chao Jin2
...le="font-size: small;">A new species of gamasid mite, Laelaps jinghaensis sp. nov., was described. The new species was collected from the body surface of red spiny rat, Maxomys surifer Miller, 1900 in Jingha, Yunnan province of southwest China. The sternal shield of L. jinghaensissp. nov. is deeply concave anteriorly with serrate internal sides. There are many distinct transverse lines in the presternal ...
Adel A. Basyouny Shahin,1,* Amira M. Metwally Mohamed2 and Abd El-Reheem A. El Shatter2


...othesis of occurrence of new species in N. ehrenbergi. Divergence between the two species would have occurred during Pleistocene (ca 1.26 million years ago).
Zihong Chen1, Ling Xu2, Xiaona Yang2, Yaguan Zhang3* and Yuming Yang4
...biological protection. A new species of the genus, collected from Taibao mountain, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, southwestern China, was described here as Metarhizium baoshanense. It was proposed and determined based on morphological characters combined with a multigene phylogenetics analysis involving 5.8S–ITS, nrSSU, nrLSU, EF–1α, RPB1 and RPB2. In multilocus phylogeny, M. baoshanense was grouped as a sister clade to Metar...
Zhu-Mei Ren1,*, Xu Su2, Carol D von Dohlen3 and Jun Wen4,1,*
...e viviparous female. The new species differs from the other Nurudea species in the length and proportion of antennal segments, the structure of antennal secondary sensilla, and the flower-like shape of the galls that are formed on its primary host. Its primary host plant is Rhus hypoleuca, whereas other Nurudea species are on R. chinensis.

 Bushra Siyal1, Sanjota Nirmal Das1, Rafia Rehana Ghazi2, Aly Khan3

Heterotestophyes gibsoni sp.n. (Trematoda: Heterophyidae) from the bird little tern (Sternula albifrons) in Sindh, Pakistan parasites of birds, a new species of trematode genus Heterotestophyes gibsoni
sp. n. was recorded from the intestine of little tern (Sternula albifrons) collected from Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. The
new species is characterized by having small body, maximum width attained at the level of mid body region and
twisted at the level of pharynx. Oral sucker terminal, rounded and broader than long. Esophagus...
Ashfaque Ahmed Nahiyoon1,*, Shahina Fayyaz2 and Nasira Kazi2
...he identification of one new species of soil nematode viz., Acrobeloides gossypii n. sp., along with three new record species viz., Tylenchorhynchus ewingi Hopper, 1959; T. crassicaudatus Williams, 1960 and Pratylenchus pseudofallax Café-Filho & Huang, 1989. Description, measurements and illustrations of these species are incorporated herein.
Erum Iqbal*, Nasir Mehmood, Nasira Kazi and Shahina Fayyaz
...d taxonomical studies of new species have been incorporated herein with measurements, descriptions, illustrations and microphotographs along with brief description, measurements and microphotographs of the new record species.

Riffat Sultana*, Nuzhat Soomro and Muhammad Saeed Wagan

...le="font-size: small;">A new species Oxya kashmorensis (Oxyinae: Acrididae: Orthoptera) from Kashmore, Sindh, Pakistan is described and illustrated. We provide a comparison of Oxya kashmorensis sp.nov. and O. nitidula which is recorded from Pakistan for the first time. Comparative information on the female genitalia of both species is provided. Further, a note on the ecology and distribution of both species is given. With the add...

Bilal Saeed Khan1*, Muhammad Afzal2, Muhammad Asif Qayyoum1, Imran Ali3 and Abdul Ghaffar

H. Soofi†1 , N. A. Birmani1 , A. M. Dharejo1 , A. R. Abbasi2 , G. S. Ghachal1

Description of new nematode species Rhabdochona (Rhabdochona) sindhicus of genus Rhabdochona (Railliet, 1916) from Indus River Pakistan
Hamed A. Ghramh,1, 2, 3,Zubair Ahmad 1, 2, 4, Khalid Ali Khan1, 2, 3*and Farhat Khan4
...bia. Characters of these new species and their affinities with related species are discussed.
Zubair Ahmad1, 2,5, Hamed A. Ghramh1, 2, 3,Khalid Ali Khan1, 2, 3*, Kavita Pandey4 and Farhat Khan5
...="font-size: small;">Two new species viz., Chelonus (Areselonus) caeruleus sp. nov. and Chelonus (Areselonus) lithocolletiscus, sp. nov., are described as new to science from the northern part of India. These two species were reared from Acrocercops caerulea (Meyrick) and Lithocolletis virgulata (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Materials about other species viz., Ascogaster acrocercophagus Shujauddin...

Andrei V. Tanasevitch1 and Yuri M. Marusik2,3,4,*

...le="font-size: small;">A new species, Carniella nepalensis sp. n., is described from eastern Nepal. The male of new species is most similar to C. forficata (Gao and Li, 2014) and clearly differs by the shape of the embolus. The type locality of new species is northwesternmost for the genus in Asia.

Zafar Ahmad Handoo1*, Mihail Radu Kantor1 and Ekramullah Khan2

Description of Seven New Species and One New Record of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes (Nematoda: Tylenchida) Associated with Economically Important Crops of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir (Part-1 of the series)
...Jammu and Kashmir, seven new species and one new record of following species were recovered: Helicotylenchus siddiqii sp. nov. from soil around roots of Glycine max L. Miller, from Kashmir University Campus, Hazratbal, Srinagar, Kashmir; H. fotedariensis sp. nov. from soil around roots of Brassica oleraceae var. botrytis L. from Zadibal, Srinagar, Kashmir; H. harwaniensis sp. nov. from soil around roots of Lycopersicum esculentum Miller, in Harwan, Srinagar, K...

Pakistan Journal of Nematology


Vol. 38, Iss. 1, Pages 1-109


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