Aqeel Ahmad, Zammurad Iqbal Ahmed, Irfan Aziz* (sorghum bicolor) and mung bean (vigna radiata) followed lentil. Five different fertilizer treatments i.e. farmyard manure (FYM) 30 tons ha-1, NPK 35-40-20 kg ha-1, poultry manure 20 tons ha-1, compost (press mud) 12.5 tons ha-1 and inoculation by phosphorus mobilizing microorganisms 2.5 packets ha-1, in addition to control were evaluated under lentil-sorghum and lentil-mungbean cropping patterns. Ferti...

Muhammad Shafique, Nosheen Noor Elahi*, Muhammad Rashid, Amjad Farooq and Kausar Hussain Shah

...teins percentage of four mung bean varieties under different NaCI levels in sand culture after 5,7 and 9 weeks of sowing. Both inoculated and uninoculated plants were grown on mineral medium that were N-free either without NaCI or with a range of NaCI (20, 50,100, 200 and 300mM). Dry weight of plants was increased at 0-50mM NaCl and decreased at 100-300mM NaCI concentration. Inoculation effectively increased the dry weights of plants at salinity levels of 0-50...

Samman Gul Vaseer1, Muhammad Rasheed1*, Muhammad Ansar1, Yamin Bibi2, Saqlain Shah1, Asma Hassan1, Lubna Ayub Durani1, Muhmmad Asif3 and Zuhair Husnain

... slurry treated seeds of mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) to observe the yield and development of the plant. A factorial completely randomized design (CRD) was adopted for this experiment, where Cobalt nitrate (Co (NO3)2) was applied at the rates of 10ppm, 20ppm, and 30ppm in combination of inoculation on mung bean three verities Chkwal-06, NM-16 and NM-11. Analyzed data was recorded related to mungbean growth and development pa...
Huma Abbas1, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal2, Muhammad Kamran3, Muhammad Umar Shahbaz3*, Haseeb Ullah Kamber1, Nazir Javed1, Muhammad Junaid1, Hira Abbas4 and Muhammad Ehetisham ul Haq3
Evaluation of Advanced Mung Bean Germplasm against Cercospora Leaf Spot and its In-vitro Management by Different Fungicides

Imtiaz Hussain1, Azhar Mahmood Aulakh2, Muhammad Sohail1*, Khalid Hussain2, Ansaar Ahmed3, Abdul Hamid3 and Muhammad Imtiaz3

Impact of Zero Tillage on Productivity of Traditional Mung Bean-Wheat Cropping System of Punjab, Pakistan
...: justify;">Conventional mung bean-wheat production system in Punjab, Pakistan involves intensive tillage practices that increases cost of production and declines soil fertility. Zero tillage planting method provides an opportunity to improve crop yield, reduce production cost and GHG emission. Farmer participatory field trials were carried out at six locations in Punjab province, a major Mung bean-Wheat cropping zone to eva...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 1, Pages 1-253


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