Muhammad Ibrahim, Jawaria Ali Khan, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Wasim Shehzad, Muhammad Avais, Ali Husnain, Naimatullah Khan, Muhammad Kamran Ameen and Abdullah Iqbal

...mparing blood values and milk composition of healthy cows with animals under trial. Our study concluded that Vitamin E+ Se and Garlic were the most efficient drugs as 66% cows suffering from subclinical mastitis were recovered by treatment of each of them. Cows suffering from subclinical mastitis showed a 50 % recovery percentage when treated with lemon for five days and 33 percent cows recovered from subclinical mastitis when treated with Black Pepper for fiv...
Sidra Manzoor1,Asif Nadeem1,*, Masroor Ellahi Babar2, Wasim Shehzad1, Abu Saeed Hashmi1, Muhammad Imran1, Tanveer Hussain2, Abdul Wajid1 and Maryam Javed1
...nalyze its relation with milk composition but it was found non-significant in all analyzed traits. So, it was inferred that it might be due to environmental or epigenetic effect, sampling number or a breed difference. To know the functional consequences of the identified polymorphism, RNA secondary structure analysis was performed and SNP was found changing the termination loop shape in mRNA. However, to increase the selection efficacy of dairy animals, the ef...

Muhammad Sohail1, Muhammad Nauman-ul-Islam1, Hayazuddin2*, Imtiaz Ali Shah1, Abdur Raziq1, Subhan Ullah3 and Arsalan Ali Shah1

... (MSC) on milk yield and milk composition of Achai cattle. A total 24 lactating Achai cows of first parity were selected and randomly divided into 3 groups viz. A, B and C on the basis of physiological and productive status (n= 08). Experimental animals were allocated to diet containing zero (control), 12 and 18 percent MSC. All the three rations were iso-caloric and iso-nitrogeniuos. Each cow was given a daily feed ration according to NARC standards. Milk yie...
Muhammad Mobashar1, Muhammad Tahir1, Shahbaz Javaid2,*, Muhammad I. Anjum2, Insha Gul3, Nazir Ahmad1 andAbdul Sami1
...rations I and III, while milk composition was not significantly affected. The DM yield of oat hay was significantly higher (P<0.05) at dough stage. It was concluded that good quality of oat hay and higher milk production could be attributed to the flowering stage of harvest maturity.
Riyadh S. Aljumaah1, Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1,*, Moez Ayadi1 and Abdullah H. Alyemni2
...olostrum composition but milk composition altered by the time interval. Blood metabolites did not vary among the groups, however, urea concentration was significantly (P<0.05) in the T1 and T2 groups. In conclusion, feeding Najdi ewes a diet containing higher energy and protein than recommended by National Research Council (1985), in comparison with the traditional feeding system, improved the lambing rate and growth of the newborns.
Abdulkareem Mohamed Matar1, Moez Ayadi1,2, Hassen Mohamed Sbihi3*, Imeddine Arbi Nehdi3, Mutassim Mohammad Abdelrahman1 and Riyadh Saleh Aljumaah1
...y supplementation on the milk composition, fatty acid profile, physical properties, and tocopherol contents of milk fat from dairy ewes. Sixty-four multiparous Najdi ewes were selected, randomly distributed into four groups (n = 16), and fed four different diets. The diets were composed of traditional feed (TF, barley and alfalfa hay) and three complete feeds with different compositions (CF1, CF2, and CF3). Twenty-four Najdi ew...
Saeed Murtaza1, Abdul Sattar1*, Nasim Ahmad1, Muhammad Ijaz2Maqsood Akhtar3 and Muhammad Shahzad4
...on on cervix, uterus and milk composition during postpartum interval in Nili-Ravi buffalo, a study was conducted at Buffalo Research Institute Pattoki, Pakistan from September to October. For this purpose, 25 animals were randomly divided into three groups: group-1 (Control; n=8), group-2 (Low dose 10IU; n=8) and group-3 (High dose 30IU; n=9) while one animal excluded at milk sampling from group-3 due to unavoidable circumstances. Oxytocin was administered to ...
Savas Atasever*, Ali Vaiz Garipoglu and Huseyin Erdem
... was investigated by raw milk composition (fat (F), protein (P), lactose (L)), density (D), freezing point (FP), somatic cell count (SCC) and daily milk yield (DMY) according to the different feeding applications (grazing (G), silage usage (S), compound feed usage (C), number of milking cow (NMC), calf suckling period (CSP)). Average F (3.144±1.931%), P (3.022±0.448%), L (4.475±0.669%) and logSCC (5.386±0.529) values were within acc...
Asim Faraz1*, Abdul Waheed1, Muhammad Mudasser Nazir2, Aneela Hameed3, Nasir Ali Tauqir4, Riaz Hussain Mirza1, Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq1, Rana Muhammad Bilal5

Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 34, Iss. 2, pp. 105-238


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