Muhammad Umar1, Mubashar Hussain1,*, Ghulam Murtaza1, Farid Asif Shaheen2 , Fatima Zafar1
...ian flying route for the migratory birds that is connected to West Asian and East African flying routes. The ecological concerns faced by the migratory birds in Pakistan have been reviewed extensively. The disappearing trends of migratory birds are recorded from fresh water reservoirs of Pakistan and are mainly attributed to continued loss of wintering habitat, habitat modification, fragme...
Nanjing Zeng1, Guanhua Liu1, Sibiao Wen1 and Feiyun Tu2,*
...rwintering site for migratory birds in Asia. Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve (PLNNR) is a hot spot for birds inhabiting or overwintering at Poyang Lake. Hitherto, limited checklist of bird species has been available. In order to investigate the bird diversity and avifauna of PLNNR, complete species checklist was strictly checked according to systematic analyses of species records from multisource. Fifty-seven species were newly recorded based on the p...
Gokhan Sahin1, Ecevit Eyduran2,*, Mete Turkoglu3 and Fatma Sahin2
...d long 43.35.00 East) of migratory birds found in Iğdır province of Turkey. In the estimation of global irradiation parameters (Hd: average daily sum of global irradiation per square meter and Hm: average annually sum of global irradiation per square meter), several predictors viz. ESTLOSTEMP (estimated losses due to temperature and low irradiance), ESTLOSANGREF (estimated loss due to angular reflectance effect), and COMPVLOSS (Combined Photo Voltaic system ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2399


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