Atta Muhammad Memon1, Ubedullah Kaka2*, Muhammad Umer3, Asghar Ali Kamboh4, Atique Ahmed Behan5, Habibullah Janyaro6, Yong Meng Goh7, Amir Bukhsh Kalhoro6Jalila Abu8, Khaleeq ur Rehman Bhutto9 and Arsalan Maqbool10

...irst sign of recovery on medetomidine-ketamine anaesthesia in pigeons. Twelve pigeons were administered with 1) medetomidine as a pre-anaesthetic at 120 µg/Kg, followed 10 min later by ketamine at 30 mg/Kg (MK group) and 2) Medetomidine and ketamine followed by atipamezole (MKA group). Medetomidine produced moderate sedation within 3.08 ± 0.21 min. Medetomidine–ketamine produced smooth and excitement free induction of anaesthesia in pigeons....

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 6, Pages 2001-2521


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