Fukuan Du1,2, Yan Li2, Zhixin Wen1, Ruguo Chen1 and Pao Xu2*

...ucting genetic maps, and marker assisted selection.

Ali Haider Saleem1,*, Khalid Javed2, Masroor Ellahi Babar3, Tanveer Hussain3, Asad Ali2, Afzal Ali2, Nisar Ahmad2, Muhammad Zahid Farooq1 and Muhammad Dawood2
...re breeding programs and marker assisted selection.
Selçuk Kaplan
...ndidate gene markers for marker assisted selection is very important to increase genetic gains in breeding. Leptin is a 16 kDa protein which is highly expressed in adipose tissue. Leptin is one of the most significant candidate gene marker for MAS studies. Therefore, bubaline leptin gene exon 2, part of the intron 1 and intron 2 region were amplified and sequenced to identify nucleotide variations in Anatolian water buffaloes. Sequence analysis were revealed s...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 2, Pages 399-799


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