Alptug Sari*, Ahmet Arpacik and Sagdan Baskaya
Adem Aksoy1, Yakup Erdal Ertürk2, Selim Erdoğan3, Ecevit Eyduran3 andMohammad Masood Tariq4,*
Daniel Zaborski,1,* Muhammad Ali,2 Ecevit Eyduran,3 Wilhelm Grzesiak,1 Mohammad Masood Tariq,2 Ferhat Abbas,2 Abdul Waheed4 and Cem Tirink5
Min Li1,2, Jingjing Wang3, Suxian Hu3, Philip Stott4, Baoqing Lin5, Lianshan Li5, Hui Liu1, Heng Bao1, Duoying Cui6 and Guangshun Jiang1,* 
..., farmland, and alkaline marsh, and negatively by human settlement; and in addition, these relationships were only apparent when scale was considered. We detected the dependence of the avian assemblage on alkaline marshes and open water, which in turn might depend on incoming flows of water. We also found negative relationship between human settlements and bird diversity which extended to a distance of 3 km. Consequently, we...
Riffat Sultana1, Nuzhat Soomro1,*, Santosh Kumar2, Ahmed Ali Samejo1 and Samiullah Soomro1
Kadir Karakuş1, Turgut Aygün2, Şenol Çelik3, Mohammad Masood Tariq4*, Muhammad Ali4, Majed Rafeeq4 and Farhat Abbas Bukhari4

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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