M. Abdus Salam1, M. Moynul Haque2, Md. Obaidul Islam3, M. Nasir Uddin4 and Md. Nazmul Haque3*

...4.60 g), seed cotton and lint yield (2305.30 and 832.49 kg ha-1, respectively), ginning out turn (36.04%) and lint index (6.28 g) were recorded for genotype BC-0125 grown from seed stored in polythene bag. Regarding fiber quality, the genotype SR-08 grown from seeds stored in polythene bag had the highest staple length (3.15 cm) and fiber strength (86.65 P.S.I). Therefore, effective breeding program with these two genotypes may lead to development of new genot...

Niamat Ullah Khan1*, Abdul Aziz Khakwani2, Sami Ullah2, Najeeb Ullah2, Abdur Rauf3 and Inam Ullah2

... 200 kgN.ha-1) on cotton lint yields, quality and earliness. Experiment was laid out in a RCB design with split plot arrangements replicated thrice. Tillage methods were allotted to main plots while nitrogen levels were kept in sub plots. Results showed that RT produced higher bolls per plant, weight per bolls, lint yields, earliness % and benefit cost ratio (BCR) than FT. Ridge tillage gave lower percent of lodging. Results...

 Frasat Saeed*, Jehanzeb Farooq*, Abid Mahmood**, Tassawar Hussain***, Muhammad Riaz* and Saghir Ahmad****

...ncreased seed cotton and lint yields with desirable fiber quality.

Niamat Ullah Khan1*, Farkhanda Khan2, Muhammad Kashan3, Qadir Ullah4 and Abdur Rauf5
...en (N) use efficiencies, lint yield and fiber quality in wheat-cotton system. Therefore, a field experiment was conducted during 2014, 2015 and 2016 at Cotton Research Station, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan to explore N management practices for ZT cotton grown into standing wheat straw. The trial was conducted in a randomized complete block (RCB) design with three replications. Results showed that cotton lint yield and fiber qu...

Fan Shuli1*, Ameer Hussain Jarwar1,3, Xiaoyan Wang2, Long Wang1 and Qifeng Ma

...iber and high quality of lint yield sweetening, the Pakistan also fulfills its 18.8% of comestible oil demand from cotton seed oil. Information acquiring on seed cotton oil and its consumptions is while ever short and not available. There is impregnable need from industry to furthermore sanctify cottonseed oil to provide it suit for direct used as vegetable cooking oil alternatively of hydrogenating it is also known as ghee in (solid form), devising cotton pro...

Muhammad Waqas Imam Malik1, Khalid Usman1*, Tahir Amin1, Muhammad Riaz2, Zafar Iqbal3 and Fiaz Hussain

...pact of limited water on lint yield and quality of cotton genotypes. An experiment was managed in a split plot, randomized complete block design, replicated thrice at the Agricultural Research Institute, Dera Ismail Khan. The experiment was conducted in 2016 using treatments irrigation intervals (10, 15, 20 and 25 days) and Bt cotton varieties (MNH-886, CRIS-342, and CRIS-134) as main- and sub-plots treatments, respectively. Total irrigation water used in irri...

Muhammad Naveed Afzal1, Muhammad Tariq1*, Muhammad Ahmad1, Khuram Mubeen2, Muhammad Ayaz Khan3, Muhamamd Umer Afzal4 and Shakeel Ahmad

...nt use efficiency (NUE), lint yield and associated fiber properties. In this RCBD split plot experiment, two planting densities (8.88 and 4.44 plants m-2) were assigned to main plot and four nitrogen rates (0, 50,100 and 150 kg N ha-1) were kept in sub plots with three replications. The PD was maintained by altering the within plant spaces keeping the row spaces (75 cm) constant. The results indicated that significant PD X N interaction was observed for plant ...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 34, Iss. 1, Pages 1-253


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