Muhammad Luqman Sohail1,*, Muhammad Sarwar Khan1, Muhammad Ijaz1, Muhammad Avais1, Muhammad Yasir Zahoor2, Omer Naseer1 and Muhammad Usman Saleem3

Sonali Menamvar1,2,3, Kirubakaran Vinod Kumar1, Veeregowda Muniveerappa Belamaranahally2, Yella Narasimha Reddy3, Rathnamma Doddamane2, Shrikrishna Isloor2, Ramesh Poojari Thimmaiah2, Gurrappanaidu Govindaraj1, Bibek Ranjan Shome1, Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan1* 

...xamined for detection of leptospiral antibodies using the Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT), the gold standard serological test. The Chi-square and odds ratio analyses were employed to identify the important risk factors for leptospirosis in dairy farms. The study revealed that the seroprevalence of bovine leptospirosis at an individual animal and farm level was 39.8% and 75%, respectively, associated with age (p=0.041) and the health status of the animal (...

Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews


Vol. 7, Iss. 2, Pages 92-142


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