Md. Yeamin Hossain1,*, Md. Alomgir Hossen1, Md. Nasir Uddin Pramanik1, Fairuz Nawer1, Md. Mosaddequr Rahman2, Suraiya Sharmin1, Dalia Khatun1, A. H. Bahkali3, Abdallah M. Elgorban3 and Khairun Yahya4 distributions (LFDs), length-weight relationships (LWRs), length-length relationships (LLRs), condition factors (allometric, KA; Fulton’s, KF; relative, KR), relative weight (WR), form factor (a3.0), size at first sexual maturity (Lm) and natural mortality (MW) in the Ganges River, northwestern (NW) Bangladesh. Samples were collected ...
Mehmet Cilbiz1* and F. Banu Yalim2
...e. condition factor, length-weight relationship, K, L, to), mortality rate (Z, M, and F), recruitment pattern and yield were investigated for Oncorhynchus mykiss in Karacaören I Dam Lake. Fish were collected on monthly basis between July, 2013 and June, 2014. Growth parameters were analyzed by ELEFAN with monthly length–frequency data. The b values of the length-we...
Huseyin Sasi1* and Gulcin G. Ozay2
...cluding the age, growth, length-weight relationship and reproduction. The study was conducted in upper Akcay River between June 2012 and May 2013. Monthly data showed that native fish chub were aboundantly with other native fish (Acanthobrama mirabilis) in upper Akcay River. The age distribution for both females and males of S. cephalus populationwas betweenI-VII, and the second age group was found at maximum rate of 30.60%. Their fork lengths an...

Haji Muhammad1, 2, Zafar Iqbal1, Qamar Bashir2, Muhammad Amir Hanif3

...dy was aimed to describe length-weight relationship and condition factor of 18 cat fish species belonging to five families of Indus River in Taunsa barrage from Punjab, Pakistan. The value of length weight relationship (LWR) equation and condition factor (K) ranged W= -0.249 TL0.79 – W= -2.803 TL3.55 and 0.07 – 1.69 respectively. The objective of this study was to determine LWR and condition factor of cat fish species of Indus River that could help...
Olaniyi Alaba Olopade1,*, Henry Eyina Dienye1, Bosede Jimba1, Nathanael Akinsafe Bamidele2, Iyabo Olusola Taiwo2
...d out to investigate the length-weight relationship and condition factor of Coptodon guineensis from the New Calabar River and Buguma Creek, Nigeria. Assessments of the length and weight parameters indicated that the total length ranged from 12.4 cm to 29.8 cm with a mean value of 17.84±0.40 and the weight varied between 41g to 640g in subject collected from New Calabar River population. In Buguma Creek, the total length ranged from 10.9 cm to 23...
Mehmet Aydın*


...o;b” values of the length-weight relationship among these five species were estimated as 2.442 (for L. navigator) and 3.007 (for P. marmoratus), respectively. Growth was found as isometric for P. marmoratus and C. aestuarii, and as negative allometric for L. depurator, L. navigator and E. verrucosa.
Merica Slišković1, Meta Povž2, Marina Piria3,*, Goran Jakšić4, Ana Gracanin5 andGorana Jelić Mrčelić1
...ues. The age, condition, length-weight relationship (LWR), 20 morphometric and four meristic traits, were analysed. Fulton condition coefficient and LWR value indicated that sichel specimens’ were well adapted to the environmental conditions. Positive allometry in both males and females were observed (W = 0.004 L3.119). This represents the first LWR dataset for sichel. The morphometric and meristic traits values from this researc...

 Haji Muhammad1, Zafar Iqbal1, Tanveer Akhlaq2

Length-weight, length-length relationships and condition factor of fishes of family cyprindae from the Indus River, Pakistan
...ried out to describe the length-weight relationship (LWR), length-length relationships (LLRs) and
condition factor (K) in 926 specimens belonging to 20 freshwater fish species of family cyprinidae. Fish samples were
collected on a monthly basis from August 2013 to July 2014 at Taunsa barrage from the Indus River, Punjab,
Pakistan. The values of parameter b for LWRs ranged from 2.16 – 4.10 suggesting the isometric and allometric

 Abir Ishtiaq, Muhammad Naeem*

Length-weight relationships and condition factor for farmed Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) from southern Punjab, Pakistan
...een carried out to study length-weight relationships (LWRs) and condition factor (K) of
renowned and highly commercial freshwater major carp, thaila (Catla catla) from farming system. Mean±S.E. total
length (TL) and body weight (W) of studied samples have been calculated as 39.29±0.23 cm and 827.43±14.55 g,
respectively. For LWRs, specimens of C.catla were collected from fish ponds and grouped into three categories on<...
Jun Zhang, Kui Zhang, Zuozhi Chen*, Yane Jiang, Yancong Cai, Yuyan Gong and Wenming Yu
...resent study reports the length-weight relationship parameters of dominant coral reef fish species in the South China Sea. The specimes were collected by hand-line in the lagoons of five representative coral reefs during June 2013 to September 2018. According to FishBase, this study provides first report on LWR of six studied species and practically available parameters on LWR for three species. The estimated b values ranged between 2.218 (Parapercis...
Wen Xiong1,2*, Qitao Zeng2, Dangen Gu1 and Yinchang Hu1*
...">This study presents 49 length-weight relationships gathered from literature and our investigation pertaining to Gambusia affinis and G. holbrooki. The value of the slope b ranged from 2.44 for male G. holbrooki in Tajan River (Iran) to 3.81 for combined G. holbrooki in reservoirs of Segura River basin (Spain). The mean value of b was 3.11 (SD =0.30), which significantly higher than 3 (t-test, p<0.05). The median v...
Muhammad Khalid1,2, Samrah Masud2, Zara Naeem2, Muhammad Munir Shahid3, Ammar Danyal Naeem2, Abir Ishtiaq2 and Muhammad Naeem2*
Length-weight and Length-length Relationships of Farmed Catla catla during Winter Season from Muzaffargarh, Pakistan
...lign: justify;">To study length-weight relationship (LWR) and length-length relationships (LLRs) of farmed Catla catla, thirty fish specimens were collected from a fish farm located at Muzaffargarh, Pakistan during January, 2019. Total length (TL), standard length (SL), fork length (FL) and body weight was taken of each fish specimen. Mean TL and body weight (W) of studied fish specimens of C. catla was found 49.14±1.58 cm and 1775.29±191.18 g, r...

Shougou Yang1, Fen Cheng1, Xiangyu Wu1, YiXuan Xing1, ZhiFeng Gu2 and Xianming Tang1,*

...experimental period. The length-weight relationship can be expressed as Wt = 0.0734×SL2.7817 (R2 = 0.9924) and width-weight can be expressed as Wt = 0.5763×SW3.036 (R2 = 0.974). The correlation coefficients between morphometric traits and total weight reached the significant level. With the increasing of animal age, the growth of total shell length, width and weig...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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