Abid Hussain1,*, Mansur-ud-Din Ahmad2, Muhammad Hussan Mushtaq2, Mamoona Chaudhry2, Muhammad Sarwar Khan2, Michael Reichel3, Tanveer Hussain4, Amjad Khan2, MuhammadNisar2 and Imtiaz Ahmad Khan5
...y was consisted of 1,036 lactating buffaloes. The screening of lactating buffaloes was performed with the California Mastitis Test. The overall prevalence of mastitis was recorded at 49%. Among mastitis cases the prevalence of clinical mastitis was 10.2% (106/1036 animals) as a whole. However, the prevalence of clinical mastitis in district Lahore was 11.8% (71/598 animals) whereas it was 8% (35/438 animals) in district Bhim...
Asghar Khan1,*, Aneela Zameer Durrani1, Arfan Yousaf2, Jawaria Ali Khan1, Mamoona Chaudhry1, Mumtaz Ali Khan3, Habibunnabi4 and Amjad Khan5
...sub-clinical mastitis in lactating buffaloes in Pothohar region of Pakistan. A questionnaire based cross-sectional based survey was conducted in 30 commercial and subsistent farms in Pothohar region of Rawalpindi district, Punjab. Where randomly 196 lactating buffaloes were sampled. Data on several health, management and bio-security variables was collected in face to face interviews from farmers, managers and owners. Milk s...
Eman Khalifa1*, Riad Khalil2 and Haitham Elaadli3
...astitic milk from native lactating buffaloes’ breed were collected aseptically from 4 private farms in Cairo-Alexandria desert road in the north part of the Egypt and subjected to bacteriological and molecular examination for M. bovis followed by their antibiogram profile. Seven (7%) isolates were identified as M. bovis from totally examined 100 milk samplesand isolated M. bovis showed resistance to ciprofloxacin; gentamycin and sulp...

Wafaa M.A. Ghoneem*, Muhammad M. Shaklouf, Ali M. Ali and Mohammed H. Bakr

...-align: justify;">Thirty lactating buffaloes (650 ±50 kg average body weight, in the first to the fifth seasons of lactation, 127±4 Days in milking and average of 12.32±1.13 kg daily milk yield) were divided into three similar groups to evaluate the effect Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product (LAFP) commercially named (Culbac®) on nutrients digestibility, milk yield and composition, blood biochemistry and immune system respon...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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