Inamullah Khan, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi, Rajwali Khan, Syed Muhammad Sohail, Ijaz Ahmad, Muhammad Shoaib and Asim Ijaz

...rossbred (non-descript x jersey) cattle. Higher prevalence in female cattle (15.14%) was recorded as compared to male (14%). Similarly significant difference was recorded among age group i.e. adult were more susceptible as compare to young ones. In subsistence farms level prevalence in intensive, extensive farming and nomads was 74.07%, 57% and 83.3% respectively. Breeding through natural service was in greater risk (94%) as compared to artificial insemination...

Zahir Shah, Ahmed Nawaz Tunio, Shakoor Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmad, Javid Ali, Sher Bhader Khan

Azmat Hayat Khan Khattak1, Muhammad Nauman ul Islam1, Muhammad Shakir Khan1, Muhammad Iqbal1, Imtiaz Ali Shah1,Sheeraz Ghani1, Amjad Ali2, Zubina Hameed1, Mohammad Farooque Hassan3 and Tariq Ali1,3,*
Azmat Hayat Khan Khattak1, Abdul Wasay2, Tariq Ali1,*, Muhammad Iqbal1, Khisrao Kalim1, Mohammad Farooque Hassan3, Muhammad Mobashar2, Nazir Ahmad2, Abid Iqbal2 and Muhammad Nauman ul Islam1

Akshay Sharma*, Mohit Mahajan, Madhumeet Singh and Pravesh Kumar 

Muamber Shah1, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi1, Rifat Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Mobashar1, Mubashar Ali Khalique2, Irfan Khattak3, Ambrina Tariq4, Ijaz Ahmad1 and Shabana Naz5,*
Doulat Khan1, Hamayun Khan1, Nazir Ahmad2, Muhammad Tarique Tunio3, Muhammad Tahir2, Muhammad Saleem Khan2 and Rifat Ullah Khan1*
Adnan Khan1, Rifat Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi2Muhammad Mobashar3, Ali Gohar4, Shakoor Ahmad1, Kamran Khan5Hamayun Khan1 and Shabana Naz6*


Muhammad Shafiq1,2,*,Rajwali Khan1, Ilyas Ali3, Sadeeq Ur Rahman4, Saif Ullah3Shah Jan Mohammad2, Mohammad Jan2 and Jinhu Huang2
Ibrar Muhammad Khan1, Dezhi Xu1, Zubing Cao1, Hongyu Liu1, Adnan Khan2,  Sajid Ur Rahman3, Jam Zaheer Ahmed4, Muhammad Akmal Raheem5 and Yunhai Zhang1*
Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska1, Iwona Szatkowska1, Daniel Zaborski2*, Wilhelm Grzesiak2, Sara Tabor-Osińska1, Małgorzata Wasielewska1Witold S. Proskura1, Wojciech Kruszyński3 and Edward Pawlina3

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 10, Iss. 4, Pages 712-954


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