Saima Sharif*, Farkhanda Manzoor, Tasnim Farasat, Shaugfta Naz and Raheela Tabasum 

...isk-factor in first-ever ischemic stroke. The study was conducted from Jan, 2013 to Jan, 2014 in Services and Jinnah Hospital Lahore, Pakistan. A total of 150 subjects were included in this study, divided into ischemic stroke group (n=100) and control (n=50). Kidney function estimation was done using serum creatinine and blood urea along with eGFR calculation by MDRD equation. Kidney dysfunction was defined as eGFR of <60...

Ying Feng1 and Xuqun Pei2,*

...optosis in patients with ischemic stroke and cognitive impairment. Glucose metabolism abnormalities and cognitive function in patients with ischemic stroke were detected by glucose tolerance test and neuropsychological test. Morris water maze test was used to detect learning and memory ability of MCAO model rats. RT-PCR and Western Blot method were used to detect the expression of autophagy and apoptosis genes in neurons. We...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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