Ghaleb Adwan*, Sami Bdir and Kamel Adwan considered one of the intermediate hosts for digenetic trematode cercariae. Digenean larvae were obtained from M. praemorsa snails that were collected from Palestine. Cercaria melanopsi palestinia I and III were identified as a xiphidiocercaria belonging to the microcotylae sub-group and as a microcercous cercaria, respectively. Phylogenetic analyses based on sequences of the ITS2 region of the nuclear rDNA revealed that C. melanopsi palest...
Muhammad Asif Gondal, Qazal Waheed, Sana Tariq, Waseem Haider, Aisha Khan, Qudsia Rasib and Haroon Ahmed*
... to various reasons like intermediate hosts for many trematodes and bio-indicator. Snails are cosmopolitan in distribution and diversity of habitat to perform ecological performance is abosolute. The freshwater malacological information is sparse within Pakistan specifically in the foothills of Margalla hills. Therefore, the present study was designed to evaluate the habitat preference of freshwater snails to environmental factors. However, only 3 species of s...
Abdurakhim Kuchboev1, Mehmonjon Egamberdiev2, Rokhatoy Karimova1, Oybek Amirov1 and Mitsuhiko Asakawa3,*
...r evidences in gastropod intermediate hosts from Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan. Larvae of D. dendriticum were detected in 28 (10.7%) out of 262 Xceropicta candacharica, and 8 (9.7%) of 82 Angiomphalia gereliana. Brachylaima sp. larvae were found in 3 (1.6%) of 95 Pseudonapaeus sogdiana. The total number of larvae per snail varied from 8 to 110 individuals. Alignment of the first four sequences of 28S rDNA was revealed a 99-100% ...
M. Fatmawati1, L.T. Suwanti2*, Mufasirin3
...ii is the cat, while the intermediate hosts are all mammals. Livestock become infected by ingesting sporulated oocysts in the environment, while humans can be infected by T. gondii due to environmental contamination by T. gondii oocysts, consumption of foods and milk containing cysts or tachyzoites of T. gondii. Raw milk is a risk factor for toxoplasmosis in humans. This paper discusses the presence of T. gondii in raw milk from various animals in both artific...

Yuxia Zhang and Kong Yang*

...ibution and abundance of intermediate hosts. A structural equation model was produced to demonstrate the effects of habitat factors on the distribution and abundance of intermediate hosts of E. multilocularis. Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae) act as the main intermediate hosts of E. multilocularis, whose effective cave density was 0.03/m2 to 0.32/m2, and it was negatively correlated with ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 6, Pages 2501-3000


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