Muhammad Imran Shabbir In this way, simple illustrations incorporate a considerable amount of information that provides the opportunity to determine genotype and phenotype probabilities for monogenic Mendelian traits without the need to draw Punnett square for every parental genotype combination. These illustrations provide information for both forward (phenotype to genotype) as well as reverse genetics (genotype to phenotype) approaches.

 Muhammad Mohsin Raza*, Muhammad Aslam Khan*, Irfan Ahmad**, Ali Ahsan Bajwa***, Hafiz Muhammad Usman Aslam*, Badar Ahsan Ullah****, and Kashif Riaz*

... been reviewed with some illustrations of potential disease effects with predicted changing climate. The impact of changing climate on host, pathogen, and their interaction will have frequent and mostly unsympathetic outcomes to forest ecosystems. By employing the proactive and modern scientific management strategies like monitoring, modeling prediction, risk rating, planning, genetic diversity and facilitated migration, genetic protection and breeding for dis...

 Zafar Iqbal1, Muhammad Farooq Nasir1, Imran Bodlah1*, Rahmatullah Qureshi2, Ayesha Aihetasham3

Notes on three morphs of Bulaea lichatschovii (Hummel) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) from Northern Pakistan
...e species are given with illustrations and new distributional

Imran Bodlah1, Ammara Gull-E-Fareen1, Muhammad Tariq Rasheed1, Muhammad Amin2, Ayesha Aihetasham3
...ed with measurements and illustrations are provided here with notes on distributional range.
Ashfaque Ahmed Nahiyoon1,*, Shahina Fayyaz2 and Nasira Kazi2
...iption, measurements and illustrations of these species are incorporated herein.
Sagir Hussain, Erum Iqbal* and Shahina Fayyaz
...nisulcius along with illustrations and diagnostic key is provided. Detailed surveys of cereals, fruits and vegetables were conducted from district Hunza, Nager, Gilgit and Ghizer of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan during 2014-2016 to determine the temperature dependent property of Quinisulcius capitatus. About 280 root and soil samples were taken from 47 locations and 28 agricultural crops.Compilated data from the world has shown that Q. capitatus
Erum Iqbal*, Nasir Mehmood, Nasira Kazi and Shahina Fayyaz
...surements, descriptions, illustrations and microphotographs along with brief description, measurements and microphotographs of the new record species.
Muhammad Tariq Rasheed1, Imran Bodlah1*, Ammara Gull e Fareen1,2, Muhammad Shakeel Khokhar1
...gnosis, morphometric and illustrations are provided with notes on distributional range.
Yawar Iqbal Erum*, Hussain Sagir, Kazi Nasira and Fayyaz Shahina
Compendium of the Genus Psilenchus de Man, 1921 (Tylenchida: Psilenchidae)
... de Man, 1921 along with illustrations of the anterior and posterior regions taken either from the original descriptions or subsequent re-descriptions is also incorporated herein. A total of seven species have so far been reported from Pakistan.


Pakistan Journal of Nematology


Vol. 38, Iss. 1, Pages 1-109


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