Muhammad Amir Iqbal1, Nabila Roohi1*, Ahmad Qureshy2


...profile induced by overt hyperthyroidism as well as its subclinical form. A total of 179 subjects comprising both genders and fulfiling the exclusion and inclusion criteria were recruited for this prospective investigation. Sixty healthy controls, thirty four subclinical, fifty overt hyperthyroid and thirty five follow-up subjects having 3 months of anti-thyroid therapy were recruited. Commercially available diagnostic kits were used to determine the serum lev...
Mohsin Ali1, Nargis Haider Kakar2, Rida Dawood3,4, Qurat-ul-ain Fatima5, Zunera Tanveer2, Shoaib Ahmad Malik6, Tauseef Muhammad Asmat1, Asadullah1, Muhammad Masood Tariq Kiani1 and Mohammad Zahid Mustafa1*
... 8 patients had clinical hyperthyroidism. No case with subclinical hyperthyroidism was investigated. The female population (58.93% of the study) had higher risk of developing thyroid abnormality as compared to males. Out of 32.15% patients with thyroid abnormalities, 67% were female. Moreover, 41% of type 1 diabetic patients had thyroid abnormalities as compared to 31% of type 2 diabetic patients, indicating that type 1 diab...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 2, Pages 401-800


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