Zheng Yan1,2,*, Shuang Liu2, Ai-Qing Liu2 and Hai-Yan Wang2
...ens, hyaluronic acid and hydroxyproline in skin tissue were also determined. The results indicated that the oral administration of elastin peptide greatly improved the skin elasticity, accompanying with significantly upregulated expression of hyaluronic acid and hydroxyproline. In addition, the contents of collagen in animal skin were also significantly increased, especially Type III and IV collagen. However, the effects ind...
Muhammad Awais1,2, Waqas Ahmad3, Akhtar Rasool Asif4, Sayyed Aun Muhammad1, Iahtasham Khan1*, Muhammad Amjad Ali5, Muhammad Qaiser Riaz1 and Muhammad Saqib2 
...rength, healing time and hydroxyproline contents measurement in both experiments. Honey and povidone mixture treated animals showed significantly improved wound contraction, healing time, tensile strength and hydroxyproline measurements in dexamethasone treated group. In normal group, honey treated animals have significantly reduced wound healing time than the honey and povidone treated animals in dexamethasone treated anima...

Hazem E. M. Hassanien1*, Awad M. M. Mahmoud2, Elsayed M. Abdel-Raouf1, Nabil M. Eweedah1 and Midhat. N. Nassif3

...repartum serum tCa, iCa, hydroxyproline (OH-PRO) was highest for -180 DCAD compared with both -100 and 0.0 DCAD. Parathyroid hormone was highest for 0.0 DCAD compared with -100, -180 DCAD. After calving there is a significant effect of tCa and iCa of prepartum treatment and we didn’t obtain any effect due to interaction between prepartum x postpartum treatment. Feeding an acidogenic diet improved Ca postpartum status.


Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 6, Pages 2501-3000


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