Noor Islam1, Muhammad Amjad2, Ehsan ul Haq3, Elizabeth Stephen1 and Falak Naz4
...rcent mite mortality and honey yield per colony was determined before and after the treatments in the experimental colonies. The results revealed that formic acid and the highest concentrations (100%) of tested essential oils caused effective control of Tropilaelaps mites, whereas the infestation reduction percentage with formic acid, lemongrass, thyme, lemon, basil and oregano oils was recorded more than 96% after the end of treatments on worker brood....
Koksal Karadas1* and Ibrahim Hakki Kadırhanogullari2
...tors influencing average honey yield (AHY) per beehive in the year 2014. For this purpose, predictive performances of several data mining algorithms (CART, CHAID, Exhaustive CHAID and MARS) and artificial neural network algorithm (Multilayer Perceptron, MLP) were evaluated comparatively. Several factors thought as independent variables in the survey were age of beekeeper (AB), education level (EL), number of full beehives (NFB), bee race (BR), the time spent i...
Adem Aksoy1, Yakup Erdal Ertürk2, Selim Erdoğan3, Ecevit Eyduran3 andMohammad Masood Tariq4,*
... regression, and CART in honey yield per hive. No solution for CHAID was generated. In CART algorithm, the highest honey yield per hive (51.250 kg) was obtained from the 33.5 or younger enterprises that performed only beekeeping activity. The four most influential predictors in the MARS were age of enterprise (100%), number of full beehives (100%), other races (97%), and other works except for beekeeping (90%). The best perf...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 5, Pages 1599-1997


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