Mingqin Shao1*, Bin Chen1, Peng Cui2, Binbin Zeng1 and Jianhong Jiang1
...e daily travel distance, home range and group characteristics of scaly-sided merganser Mergus squamatus in Yihuang and Wuyuan counties, Jiangxi Province, China, from December 2012 to March 2013 and December 2015 to March 2016. Results showed that the daily travel distance of scaly-sided merganser was 3100 ± 1313 m; the daily home range was 122,460 ± 42,019 m2; and the overall
Xiuqing Hao1, Zhe Hong2, Huili Gao1, Fumin Tian1, Hongke Zhang3, Yu Zhou3, Yuming Guo3, Guang Yang1,* and Bingyao Chen1,*
...had similar fixed kernel home range. Seabirds’ distribution largely overlapped with various vessels’ concentrated area, possibly due to abundant local fishery resources and forging behavior of seabirds. The MaxEnt model with the area under receiver operating curve (AUC) value of 0.957 for training data and 0.935 for test data showed reliable and accurate prediction. The distance to coast (64.7% contribution) and bathymetry (30.7% contribution) were...

Shuangye Wang1,2, Yunlin Zhao1,2, Zhenggang Xu2,3,*, Junzhi Chen3, Guiyan Yang3, Song Wang2 and Kangkang Jiang2


... justify;">To understand home range characteristics and distribution of the released female milu (Père David’s deer, Elaphurus davidianus) population at Dongting Lake, China, we estimated home range size using the 95% minimum convex polygon method. A maximum flooded time index was calculated and the overlay analysis with seasonal home range data was employed. The results showe...

Seok-Jun Son1,3, Sung-Kyung Lee1, Jung-Woo Oh1, In-Kyu Kim2, Dal-Ho Kim2, Bo-Ra Hyun1 and Jung-Hoon Kang1,*

...igration route and their home range and habitat type in breeding (post-fledging/pre-migration stages) and wintering sites (post-migration stage). The two egrets crossed the East China Sea to Taiwan. The signal for one bird was lost, whereas the other rested and then moved to the Philippines for winter. The home ranges of the two birds were reported using kernel density estimation (KDE). During the post-fledgling stage, the r...

Dali Wang1,2, Yujing Zhu1,2, Wancai Xia1,2, Mei Zhao1,2,3, Chan Yang1,2 and Dayong Li1,2*

...d 312500 m2 of the known home range of a resident Yunnan snub-nosed monkey group. A field survey was conducted to sample the vegetation within the area of the landslide and debris flow after it had been allowed to grow for ten years. In total, 27 plant species were observed within the debris field, all classified as either shrubs or herbaceous plants. Gnaphalium hypoleucum had the highest importance value of the herbs (27.48%), while Leycesteria formosa had th...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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