Wajid Ali1,*, Asma Karim1, Muhammad Irfan2, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir3*, Ghulam Mustafa4, Zeeshan Shafique1, Ijaz Anwar1
...l protein) and gills for histology were taken after 96 hrs. After acute exposure to pesticide, significant changes were observed in serum biochemistry and histology. Serum glucose and cholesterol were increased while total protein was decreased. Histopathological result reveled that gills of experimental fish was damage severely resulting Necrosis, Damaged nuclei , rupturing of epithelial cells, Mucous cells and severe lamel...

 Asma Karim1, Wajid Ali1*, Noreen Ahmad1, Muhammad Irfan2, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir3

Histological and biochemical study of liver of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) after acute exposure to pyrethoride (deltamethrin)
...was done after 96hrs for histology and
biochemical analysis [alanine amino transferase (ALT), and aspartate amino-transferase (AST)]. Liver histology
revealed that necrosis, nuclear pycnosis, hypertrophy of hepatocytes, vacuolization, nuclear atrophy and congestion
of blood vessels were observed as compare to control group. This result was also supported by the significant
increase in levels of he...
Khalid P. Loneand Irfana Liaqat*
...pled every month for the histology of the testis. After taking data regarding other somatic traits, the testes were fixed in buffered formalin and processed for routine histology and light microscopy. The annual maturity stages can easily be divided into five gross stages namely, immature and developing, maturing and developed, ripe and running, post spawning and spent-regressed. The testis in Labeo rohita were unrest...
Aqsa Pervaiz1*, Rukhshanda Afridi1, Zahra Pervaiz1, Rabia Masood1 and Hira Pervaiz2
...y has harmful effects on histology of liver of fish. Therefore, the present work suggests that the exposure to the methylmercury should be prevented to avoid injurious health hazard risks to fish.
Ramazan İlgün1*, Nilgün Kuru2, Ferhan Bölükbaş3 and Fatih Mehmet Gür4
...y was to investigate the histology of the tongue of the guinea fowl, Numida meleagris by using light and scanning electron microscopy methods. Six chicks (6-7 weeks), six layer hens (9-13 weeks) and six studs guinea fowl were used to study and determine the histological features of the tongue of the guinea fowl. Histological structures were examined using a light microscope the tissues and papillae of the tongue were examined with a the scanning electro...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 6, Pages 2027-2426


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