Ayanda Opeyemi Isaac,1,* Oniye Sonnie Joshua2 and Auta Jehu2


...veniles to commonly used herbicides, glyphosate and paraquat was evaluated through changes in fish behaviour and mortality. Juveniles of the African catfish were exposed to varying acute concentrations of glyphosate and paraquat. The fishes responded, exhibiting different behavioural abnormalities like hyperactivity, abnormal swimming, restlessness, loss of equilibrum and haemorrhage. Observation of opercular ventilation count (OVC), tail fin movemant rate (TM...

Md Riton Choudhury, Koushik Brahmachari, Sudeshna Kar and Rupayan Deb

Integration of weed management practices in rice-potato-groundnut cropping sequence
...ures (e.g. hand weeding, herbicides, mulching etc.) on the yield of crops in sequence and cost effectiveness of different weed control measures. Rice exhibited the maximum yield when treated with two hand weedings, but it may be profitably replaced by the application of herbicides. From the point of eco-safety measures and economy, combination of hand weeding and mulching can be judiciously recommended in potato and groundnu...

Biswajit Pramanick, Sruti Karmakar, Koushik Brahmachari, Rupayan Deb 

An integration of weed management practices in potato un-der New Alluvial soil
...eat opportunity of using herbicides and mulching in combination to cope up with the labour crisis and minimize the cost of cultivation, therefore, maximizing benefit cost ratio.


Muhammad Asad1, Safdar Ali1, Muhammad Ramzan Ansar2, Ijaz Ahmad3*, Muhammad Suhaib4 and Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar5 

...w wheat yield. Synthetic herbicides are mostly used to control weeds. A field experiment was conducted to investigate the Chemical control of broad-leaved weeds in wheat at the Koont Research Farm, PMAS-Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi, during rabbi season, 2014. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four replications, with a plot size of 06 x 04 m2. Four different herbicides w...

 Shahida Khalid*and Shahida Nasreen Khokhar*

.... The residual/carryover herbicides may influence sowing decisions for the next crop due to reduced herbicide breakdown. The present study aimed at exploring the contribution of bio-fertilizer microbes (Azospirillum) to mitigate the inhibitory effect of herbicide residue in soil, and their inhibitory effect on weed seeds. The crops studied under laboratory conditions were Brassica spp. and Zea mays while Phalaris minor was the test weed. In first experiment, B...

 Asghar Ali*, Muhammad Tahir**, Shahid Riaz Malik* and Muhammad Hanif Munawwar*

...e pre and post-emergence herbicides for weed control in lentil. The experiment comprised eight treatments including three herbicides, manual weeding and check (no weeding). The yield was higher in manual weeding but in herbicide treatments Isoproturon as pre-emergence @ 2 kg -1 ha produced statistically at par grain yield to that of manual weeding -1 followed by Isoproturon after one month of planting @ 2 kg ha . Both the tr...

Zubina Hameed1, Muhammad Azim Malik1, Safdar Ali1*, Muhammad Ansar1, Farina Shaheen1, Ijaz Ahmad2 and Khisrao Kalim3 

...different post-emergence herbicides viz. Clean wave 15 EO (Aminopyralid + fluroxypyre) @ 0.8 L ha-1, Aim 40 DF (Carfentrazone ethyl) @ 0.05 Kg ha-1, Buctril-super 60 EC (Bromoxynil + MCPA) @ 0.750 L ha-1, Atlantis 3.6 WG (Mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron) @ 0.7 Kg ha-1, Sectril-M 40 EC (Bromoxynil + MCPA) @ 1.2 L ha-1, Brominal-M 40 EC (Bromoxynil + MCPA) @ 2.0 Kg ha-1 for controlling weeds in rainfed wheat. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block ...

Abid Muhammad Shah1, Safdar Ali1*, Ijaz Ahmad2, Gulzada Wazir1, Obaidullah Shafique1, Muhammad Amir Hanif1, Bashir Ahmad Khan3 and Sumaira Zareen4 

... the effect of different herbicides and sowing methods on wheat productivity and population dynamics of weeds. Different wheat sowing methods (S) were Broadcasting, Line sowing, Ridge sowing, Bed sowing and herbicides used were Ally Max, Clean wave, Starane M. and Buctril Super 60 Ec. The experiment was laid out in RCBD with split plot arrangement having three replications. Hand weeded (weed free), and weedy check (control) ...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 32, Iss. 3, Pages 416-561


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