Rafi Ullah1, Sarzamin Khan1,*, Abdul Hafeez1, Asad Sultan1, Nazir Ahmad Khan2, Naila Chand1 and Naseer Ahmad1 
... production performance, hematology and carcass traits in broilers at finisher phase. Five isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets were uttered with the step-wise i.e. 0% (D1), 25% (D2), 50% (D3), 75% (D4) and 100% (D5) replacement of soybean meal with silkworm meal in commercial broiler rations. A total of 150 day-old broiler chicks (Ross 308) were randomly distributed into fifteen replicate groups (n=10), and consequently reared on five experimental diets...
Viram Kumar1,*, Moolchand Malhi1, Saeed Ahmed Soomro1, Toufique Ahmed Qureshi2, Muhammad Nawaz Sanjrani3 and Khushal Das Malhi1
...des base-line values for hematology and serum biochemistry of apparently healthy Indian adult blue peafowl of Thar and can be used as reference values to evaluate the health or diseased conditions in the same species.
Sakhra Mahmood1, M. Younus1, A. Aslam1, A.A. Anjum2, S. Umar3, Aamerzish Mushtaq3 and M.L. Sohail4,*
... feed conversion ratio), hematology (hemoglobin, haematocrit, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and total leukocyte count) and immune response were recorded and analyzed by duncan test for 6 weeks. Results showed significant reduction in the deleterious effects of AFB1 in each of the tested parameters during the course of the study. During 5th week, all the tested parameters had non-significant differences with the control group and were brought back ...
Syed Makhdoom Hussain1*, Nisar Ahmad1, Azhar Rasul1, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad2, Muhammad Latif3, Muhammad Zubair Ul Hassan Arsalan1, Muhammad Umair1  and Hafiza Hina Shafqat1

Ali Zaman1, Nabila Roohi1 and Muhammad Irfan2*

...ation of clinical signs, hematology and serum biochemistry in Nili Ravi buffaloes under subtropics is lacking. This study was designed to fulfill this gap by analyzing the effects of exposure to the bacterial culture of Pasturella multocida (P. multocida) type B:2 and its immunogens, i.e., lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and outer membrane protein (OMP) on Nili Ravi buffaloes. Prepubertal Nili Ravi female buffaloes (N=18) of 10-12 months age in good health condition ...
Majed Rafeeq1,*, Nadeem Rashid1, Muhammad Masood Tariq1, Irfan Shahzad Sheikh1, Muhammad Zahid Mustafa1, Muhammad Shafee1, Khalid Mehmood1, Rana Muhammad Bilal2 and Tauseef Asmat1
... performance parameters, hematology, serum biochemistry, immune response (ND and SRBC), intestinal histo-morphology, bacterial enumeration and cecal volatile fatty acids (VFAs) were measured. There were significant improvements in weight gain (WG), feed conversion ratio (FCR) and average daily gain (ADG) in the treatment groups supplemented with extract (P<0.05) compared to control. Similarly, intestinal histo-morphic parameters and ileal bacterial count we...
Syed Makhdoom Hussain1,*, Hina Gohar1, Muhammad Asrar1, Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad2, Azhar Rasul1, Majid Hussain3, Muhammad Zubair ul Hassan Arsalan1, Nisar Ahmad4 and Aqsa Sharif1
..., mineral absorption and hematology of Cyprinus carpio fingerlings. The diets were formulated in such a way that sufficient supply of all required nutrients were ensured for normal fish growth. Collection of feces from each tank was done twice a day. Impact of each treatment on the absorption of minerals, proximate analysis and hematology were determined using standard methods and formulae. Highest minerals absorption (Ca, N...

Mohamed Saeed M. Hassan¹, Hitham Abdel-Saeed1*, Kawkab Abd El Aziz Ahmed2, Ossama Mohamed Abdou1 

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal1, Aneela Zameer Durrani1, Jawaria Ali Khan1, Nisar Ahmad2, Muhammad Usman1,*, Abdul Jabbar1, Saba Usman3, Ahsan Anjum3, Muhammad Husnain1, Nadeem Raza1 and Anwar-ul-Haq4

...ng the study, and report hematology of the affected bovines. The incidence of coxiellosis was estimated as 32.12% and 12.5% in cows and buffaloes, respectively. The association of selected clinical biomarkers was also ascertained and all of these were found significantly (p<0.05) associated with the incidence of coxiellosis. The results of animal-related risk factors indicated that with increasing age and parity number, poor BCS, or a history of disease, th...

Aiman Al Mufarji, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed* 

...cted to analysis through hematology and plasma biochemistry analyzers. The hematological parameters include red and white blood cells (RBCs & WBCs), hematocrit (Ht) and hemoglobin (Hb) values. The plasma biochemistry parameters include plasma glucose, proteins, liver and kidney functions and minerals values. The results indicated that organic M. oleifera leaves contain protein (28.28%), carbohydrate (47.82%), fat (7.57) and fiber (28.35%). In addition, fat...

Khalid Javed Iqbal1, Irfan Baboo2*, Arshad Javid3, Noor Khan4, Hamid Majeed5, Azra Anwer1, Zahid Farooq2, Muhammad Altaf6 and Moazam Jalees7

Abdulaziz A. Alaqil1*, Mohammed I. Buhaya2
...olesterol content, blood hematology and biochemical composition of commercial laying hens. A total of 180 Hy-Line brown laying hens 36-week-old were randomly divided into four groups (9 replicates x 5 birds each). The four groups were fed a basal diet formulated to contain; 0, 2, 4 or 6% LO for six weeks. Results showed a significant improvement in egg production performance with dietary LO inclusion ranged from 3 to 4%. Data revealed a significant reduction i...

Fatin Khalil*, Harinath Yapati, Zainab Al Blallam, Ronia Jose 

...siological, biochemical, hematology analysis and production performance of Naeemi sheep were affected by the seasons and stage of production and growth.

Keywords | Naeemi sheep, Seasonal effect, Intensive management, Reproductive performance, Baseline data. 


Andi Hiroyuki1,2,*, Refina Sastya Qomariyuti1, Najmah Nur Islami3, Vanessa Ayu Sumirat4, Neni Anggraeni5, Mas Rizky A.A Syamsunarno2,6 

Tlou Grace Manyelo1,2, Nthabiseng Amenda Sebola1, Jones Wilfred Ng’ambi2, Monnye Mabelebele1* 

...ranth, broiler chickens, hematology, nutrient digestibility, performance  


Shahid Amin1*, Jabbar Khan1, Imran Khan2, Dost Muhammad1, Kamran Ullah Khan1, Naqeeb Ullah Khan1, Muhammad Azhar Jameel3 

Anum Syyam1,2, Nazish Saqlain1, Sidra Hareem1, Naghmana Mazhar1, Liaqat Ali3 and Samia Afzal2*

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 6, Pages 2501-3000


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