Ragia S. Mohamed1, Rania F. El Naggar2, Mamdouh. M. Hamoud1, Mohamed M. Hamoud3, Abdulrhman M. Gamal1, Samah E. Laban1, Shimaa A.E. Nasr1, Manal M. Zaki1, ElShaimaa Ismael1, Osama K. Zahran1* 

...s of virus isolation and haemagglutination assay (HA). Our results revealed that pH of the manure from time of its mixing with the NDV infected allantoic fluid till day 4 was 7, then pH values changed progressively and recorded 8.5 on day 12. After that, pH increased towards the alkaline side and recorded pH = 9 till day 33 of the experiment. Regarding moisture %, after mixing the manure with allantoic fluid the moisture % of the mixture was 67%, and this wet ...

Fady Samir1, Rania F. El Naggar2, Mohamed M. Hamoud3, Manal M. Zaki1, Abdulrhman M. Gamal1, Samah E. Laban1, Shaimaa A. E. Nasr1, El Shaimaa Ismael1, Osama K. Zahran1* 

...us isolation followed by haemagglutination assay (HA) which revealed that NDV survived in the manure up to 28 days. Likewise, monitoring for the manure pH and moisture % was carried out. Our explanation for the long-time course for NDV persistence due to increasing the moisture %. In this context, the findings of this study revealed that genotype VII viruses of class II NDV are circulating in Egypt. Furthermore, genotype II-based vaccines seem to be not effici...

Hosts and Viruses


Vol. 8, Iss. 3, Pages 1-20


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