Abderraouf Chouaib Rebbah1, Mohcen Menaa2,*, Salah Telailia3,Menouar Saheb1 and Mohamed Cherif Maazi2
...atial distribution among habitat types (oak woodlands, pine woodlands and oak-pine mixed woodlands). A total of 69 species were observed. One species was recorded only in mixed oak-pine forests, six were found exclusively in oak woodlands and 17 species were found only in pine woodlands. We noted 20 protected species, only one endangered species, and five endemic species to the Maghreb and/or to North Africa. The presence of these species with patrimonial valu...
Raja Imran Hussain* and Iqra Yousaf
... sets of three different habitat types (human dwellings, agricultural and non-agricultural land). It was also expected that trapping in non-agricultural land and human dwellings could reduce wheat damage. 30 trap stations were placed in each cropland, non-agricultural land and human dwellings for twelve months. Rodent abundance was high in cropland and negatively correlated with human dwellings. No difference in abundance was observed in the non-crop and fallo...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 5, Pages 1599-1997


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