Pasqua Rotondi1, Maria Antonietta Colonna1, Giuseppe Marsico1, Francesco Giannico1, Marco Ragni1 and Anna Maria Facciolongo2,*
Muhammad Shabir Shaheen1, Shahid Mehmood1, Athar Mahmud1, Jibran Hussain1, Ahmed Sultan Jatoi2, Muhammad Yaqoob3, Sohail Ahmad1 and Arshad Javid4,*
Wang Zaigui1,*, Guo Panpan1, Ye Miao1, Sun Linghong1, Zhang Hongfu2 and Liu Chaoliang1,*
...effects of B.subtilis on growth performances, cocoon quality and amylase activity of silkworm, Bombyx L, we got the following results: (1) In the larval duration of 3rd instar silkworm, average weight gain (AWG) and feed conversion ratio (RFC) were not significantly affected with the use of B. subtilis, but the remaining amount of mulberry leaves (RAML) was significantly decreased contrasting to the blank group (P<0.05). (2) In...
Seval Dernekbasi* and Emin Karatas
... fatty acid profiles and growth performances of rainbow trout. Seven trials were implemented; fish oil trial [FO; continuously fed by diet with fish oil (FO)], canola oil trial [CO; continuously fed by diet with canola oil (CO)], safflower oil trial (SFO; continuously fed by diet with safflower oil (SFO)], mixture oil trial (CSFO; continuously fed by diet containing both %50 CO and %50 SFO), alternate cycled feeding trial [(FO/CO; fish fed by diet with CO for ...

Uzma Arif1, Sadar Uddin Siddiqui2, Muhammad Fareed Khan1, Muhammad Arshad3 and Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi

...progress. Similarly, the growth performances of the seedlings were slower at higher temperatures coupled with longer storage periods. The aging led to decline in seedling fresh and dry biomass as well as root and shoot development capacity; while the deleterious effect of higher temperature (45°C) were more pronounced and severely affected the seedling growth and development from start. The information generated on seed behavior under storage conditions in...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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