Rauf Ahmad1, Karam Ahad2 and Aziz Ullah Shah3
...category was OK. Overall grain quality of 6% samples graded excellent, 19% well or OK and 56% candidates were below standard. Physically, 7% candidates from coarse category were extra-long size, ranked well and 43% OK while15% was below the standard. Cooking quality of coarse candidates was OK however overall, 21% samples showed poor milling, and physical and cooking quality and 36% did not meet the standard. Ratio of hybrid, fine and coarse candidates obtaine...

 Sikander Khan Tanveer, Shaheena Yasmin, Imtiaz Hussain, M.Yaqub Mujahid*, Muhammad Munir and Muhammad Asif**

...ts and as well as on the grain quality parameters of wheat. Nutrient treatments included full fertilizer NP (100:100:00), full fertilizer NP + FYM (100:100:20), half- fertilizer NP (50:50:00), half- fertilizer NP + FYM (50:50:20), FYM only (00:00:20) and control (00:00:00). N & P were applied in kg ha-1 and FYM in t ha-1. Wheat variety, Chakwal-86 was planted in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with four replications. Because of different combinatio...

Bilal Atta1*, Muhammad Rizwan1, Arshed Makhdoom Sabir1, Muhammad Dildar Gogi2, Muhammad Sabar1, Bakhtawar3, Faizan Ali3 and Mehran Sarwar

...h ultimately improve the grain quality of stored wheat. 


Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 6, Iss. 2, Pages 77-235


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