Ayesha Zahid,Ammara Muazzam, Sidra Mustafa, Saba Irshad*,Malik Siddique Mahmood and Rehman Shahzad


...nserved glutamic acid to glutamine at site which was involved in coding of ASF1 like histone chaperone. Further presumption based on structural and functional analysis of mutated protein was anticipated by bioinformatics tools, which manifest mild changes in overall charge but altered post translational modifications in a way which might have a deleterious effect on ion channels anatomy and on the whole, pave ways to the genesis of cataract.
Xiaopeng Tang1,2* and Kangning Xiong1,2
...l growth factor (EGF) on glutamine and glucose absorption of IPEC-J2 cells using the Ussing chamber system. Cells were treated with: (1) EGF (0 ng / mL) + LPS (0 μg / mL) (Control group), (2) EGF (100 ng / mL) + LPS (0 μg / mL) (EGF group), (3) EGF (0 ng / mL) + LPS (1 μg / mL) (LPS group), and (4) EGF (100 ng / mL) + LPS (1 μg / mL) (EGF+LPS group) for 24 h for ussing chamber assay. The transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER, Ω.cm2),

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 1, Pages 1-400


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