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Paul I. Ankeli, Mashood A. Raji, Haruna M. Kazeem, Moses O. Odugbo, Nendir J. Umaru, Idowu O. Fagbamila, Livinus T. Ikpa, Obinna O. Nwankiti, Issa A. Muraina, Pam D. Luka and Nicholas D. Nwankpa

...were observed to ferment glucose, reduce tetrazolium chloride and hydrolysed casein. They had no phosphatase activity, did not produce ‘film and spots’ and neither hydrolysed arginine nor urea and were preliminarily identified as members of the Mycoplasma mycoides sub-cluster which comprises Mmm and Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies capri (Mmc). Three (3) of the 8 Mycoplasma isolates were identified as Mmm using the IS1296F/R(all) and MM450/MM451 prim...

Muhammad Mushtaq, Umer Sadique, Naila Chand, Iftikhar Ahmed, Said Sajjad Ali Shah, Ijaz Ahmad, Imran Ullah and Muqadar Shah

... Lipid profile and serum glucose was significantly improved. Lipid profile and serum glucose was significantly reduced in all treated groups. Mean cholesterol was (157.66 mg/dl), triglyceride (65.64 mg/dl), HDL (58.88 mg/dl) while no alteration in LDL contents. Significantly effect of water based infusion was notice on mean serum glucose (73.83 mg/dl) Observation of the study indicating th...

Ambreena Hafiz1, Tanzeela Riaz2 and Farah Rauf Shakoori1*

...d that soluble proteins, glucose contents and free amino acids increased, whereas glycogen and lipid contents were reduced in all deltamethrin-resistant populations as compared to deltamethrin-susceptible population. Soluble Proteins were significantly elevated (79, 100 and 37%) in 4th and 6th instar larvae and adult beetles of Gujranwala, (14, 24 and 14%) in Okara and (14, 13 and 2%) in D.G Khan populations, respectively compared to susceptible population. Fr...

Asmaa Hamid1,* and Samia Kalsoom2

...nitored for random blood glucose and weight for a period of six weeks. Another three groups of rats with induced hypercholesterolemia were fed the same diet as the diabetic rats and were monitored for total serum cholesterol. It was found that both Bengal gram and chickpea had a significant effect on lowering glucose level and total cholesterol of these experimental animals. Bengal gram however, proved to have a significantl...

Sana Irshad Khan1*, Zafar Iqbal2, Hamid Ullah Shah2 and Shaukat Hussain3

Muhammad Mansoor, Zaigham Abbas and Nageen Husssain*
...oantibodies, CCL11, C3c, glucose level and renal damage. We detected increased symptoms of arthritis and gastrointestinal tract involvement in gluten containing diet group compared with standard diet disease control group. ANA autoantibodies, C3c and renal damage between gluten and standard diet group was non-significant. The remission of SLE manifestations was observed in prednisone treated group except renal damage. From the study it was concluded that glute...
Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1*,Ibrahim Alhidary1, Abdullah H. Alyemni2, Rifat U. Khan3, Abdel Raouf S. Bello4, Mohamed Y. Al-Saiady2 and Ramzi A. Amran1
...d and propionic acid and glucose increased significantly in T1. In conclusion, feeding TMR with alfalfa hay, regardless of the supplementary protocol, causes a significant change in rumen fermentation patterns as a result of increasing the intake level of NDF from the alfalfa hay. This shift in the fermentation pattern may positively affect the rumen environment and consequently growing lambs’ health and productivity.
Farah Ashfaq* and Tasnim Farasat
...ipid profile and fasting glucose, serum resistin and insulin of three hundred over weight, obese males and females, 17 to 30 years and 100 comparable control subjects were included. Serum resistin and insulin, fasting glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol were found significantly high in overweight and obese groups as compared to the normal weight group (p<0.01). In overweight group, resistin levels were significantly re...
Shabana1,*, Farah Ehsan1 and Shahida Hasnain1,2
...ght, BMI, fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol level and LDLC had no effect on age, height, triglycerides, HDLC and leptin. In conclusion, Gly482Ser variant appears to be significantly associated with diabetes in Pakistani population. The variant appeared to exert its effect by changing serum fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol and LDLC levels.
Rehana Shahida1, Tasnim Farasat1, Shagufta Naz1,* and Shahjahan2
...F-α among impaired glucose tolerant (n=35), diabetic subjects (n-35) and age matched healthy control (n=35), and to identify the relationship of inflammatory cytokines with insulin resistance and the molecular mechanisms involved in the interaction of atherosclerosis and hyperglycemia within the context of chosen pro atherogenic parameters including plasma glucose level, serum levels of insulin, IL-6, and TNF-α. ...
Ehab Bo Trabi1,2, Xianjun Yuan1, Junfeng Li1, Zhihao Dong1, Assar Ali Shah2 and Tao Shao1,2,*
... silage was treated with glucose and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) additives. The groups were as follow: silage without additive as a control (c); glucose 1% fresh matter basis (G1); glucose 2% (G2); glucose 3% (G3); Lactobacillus Plantarum (LAB1); Pediococuss acidilactici (LAB2); Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LAB3). All the silos were incub...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology (Associated Journals)


Vol. 49, Iss. 5, Pages 1937-2341


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