Syed Asif Imran Shah1*, Shah Jehan Khan2, Kalim Ullah1 and Obaid Ullah Sayal were investigated for genetic divergence regarding yield related attributes, seed cotton yield and fibre quality traits using principle component analysis. The experiment was carried out at Cotton Research Station, Deara Ismail Khan, Pakistan during 2014-15. The triplicated randomized complete block design was followed and attributes of interest were plant height, monopodia plant-1, sympodia plant-1, bolls plant-1, plant population, seed index, boll weight,...

Ahmed Zein Elabdeen Mahmoud1, Muaz Magzob Abdellatif2* and Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdalla lineage IV indicating genetic divergence based on N gene. These findings further support the continuous characterization of PPRV strains in small ruminants to support the global eradication plan in 2030. 

Tanveer Hussain1,*, Masroor Ellahi Babar1, Marcos De Donato2, Abdul Wajid1, Asif Nadeem3, Zahoor Ahmad3, Waqas Ahmad Khan4, Sunday O. Peters5 and Ikhide G. Imumorin6
...hanni. While the overall genetic divergence within the B. indicus or within B. taurus were also very low (0.002 and 0.003, respectively), however the genetic difference between B. indicus and B. taurus was significantly higher (0.014 ).
Wang-Dui Basang1, Tian-Wu An2, Luo-Bu Danjiu3, Yan-Bin Zhu1, Shi-Cheng He3, Xiao-Lin Luo2, Wei-Wei Ni4, Xiao Wang4, Shu-Zhu Cheng4, Jian Wang4 and Guang-Xin E4,*
...o smaller differences in genetic divergence between different ecotypes.

Muhammad Arshad*, Sabeeta Jan, Sundas Awan, Samra Azam, Shiguftah Khalid and Muahmmad Ayub Khan 

... genetic specifications, genetic divergence, and correlation coefficient, direct and indirect effects of eight characters towards seed yield under field condition. Experiment was conducted according to RCBD design at NARC (National Agricultural Research Centre), Islamabad during year 2015. Data were recorded on Days to flower initiation, Days to flower completion and Days to maturity, 100 seed weight, oil content percentage and Seed Yield. Results of ANOVA rev...
Liyan Zhang1,2, Zhidong Zhou1,3, Haiping Li1,2, Yanlong Qiao4, 5 and Yueping Zhang1,3,*
... within populations, and genetic divergence was very weak among populations. The complex hydrologic environment of the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent waters did not block gene flow among different populations, which indicates relatively high genetic homogeneity; thus, the populations should belong to the same fishery management unit. The nucleotide mismatch distribution and neutrality test results indicated that the studied S. japonicus populations expe...
Zhen-Yang Wu1, Guang-Xin E2,*, Hui Ran1, Da-Hui Wang1 and Tian-You Yang1
...bstantial differences in genetic divergence between western and eastern populations. These results show that geographical isolation, especially by mountains, has played an important role in limiting rice frog migration.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 4, Pages 1203-1598


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