Muhammad Saqlain1, Humaira Kalsoom1, Muhammad Fiaz1,2, Abid Mahmood1, Rizwan Aziz Qazi4 ,Waseem Safdar5, Pakeeza Arzoo Shaiq1,Bernard M.Y. Cheung3 and Ghazala Kaukab Raja1,*
...culated and computed for genetic associations presented as odds ratios (ORs) with a threshold of p≤0.05 to determine statistical significance. The frequency of 54Thr allele of FABP2 significantly associated with MetS risk in Pakistani population. Our results showed that frequency of the FABP2 54Thr allele was significantly higher (67%) in MetS cases as compared to controls (35%)(p<0.0001). The 54Thr allele carriers were at increased ...
Huma Sattar1, Sehrish Firyal1,*, Ali Raza Awan1, Habib-Ur -Rehman2, Muhammad Sajid Hasni3 and Amjad Islam Aqib4*

Muhammad Jawad1*, Shahid Riaz Malik1, Rana Muhammad Atif2, Haris Ahmed2 and Muhammad Shahzad Afzal3

Species Identification of Gram Wilt Complex through ITS Region by PCR-RFLP Analysis
...cted to identify the polygenetic association of the pathogens of chickpea wilt complex. Universal Rice Primers based diversity analysis indicates high polymorphism within the collected wilt isolates. Primers ITS 1 and ITS 4 generated internal transcribed spacer fragments that were restricted four restriction enzymes (HhaeI, MboI, BsuRI, HinfI). PCR ITS-RFLP banding pattern identified two Fusarium species i.e. Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium solani. In conclusi...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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