Asmatullah Kaka2, Wahid Haron1,*, Rosnina Yusoff 1, Nurhusien Yimer1,  A.M Khumran1, Akeel Ahmed Memon2, Kazhal Sarsaifi1 andMahdi Ebrahimi3
...ahexaenoic acid (DHA) on frozen-thawed quality of bull semen. Twenty-four ejaculates (8 from each bull) were collected from three bulls. Semen ejaculates having motility ≥70% and normal morphology ≥80% were extended into Tris extender consist of equal concentration of each ALA and DHA (0, 3, 5, 10,15ng/ml). Extended semen was cooled at 5oC for 2 hours at 5oC and then packaged in 0.25ml straws and stored into liquid nitrogen for 24 h...
Ibrar Muhammad Khan1, Rifat Ullah Khan1,*, Muhammad Subhan Qureshi2, Tahir Usman2, Adnan Khan1, Zakir Ullah1 and Hamid Rehman1
... 0.28%) were observed in frozen semen in cross-bred bulls, which showed significant (P < 0.01) differences with the other cattle bulls. The results imply that Sahiwal bulls showed the best semen qualitative characteristics in fresh and frozen semen conditions followed by Holstein Friesian bulls. Moreover, the semen quality declined in the crossbred bull.
Muhammad Waheed Mushtaq1,*, Jamil Anwar2, Omara Naeem3,Farah Kanwal1 and Waheed-uz-Zaman1
... various sections of the frozen mass and bacterial colonies were counted after proper Gram staining. It was found that more than 90% bacteria were separated along with freezing front and were concentrated in the centre in the case of radial freezing and at the bottom in case of vertical freezing.
Nizam Uddin Jamali1, Asmatullah Kaka1,*, Pershotam Khatri1, Moolchand Malhi2, Muhammad Naeem3, Akeel Ahmed Memon1, Rameez Raja Kaleri4, Habibullah Janyaro5 and Dildar Hussain Kalhoro
... extender on chilled and frozen thawed quality of Kundhi buffalo bull semen. After collection ejaculate was brought in Semen Production Unit. Semen was evaluated as fresh for volume, colour, motility, morphology, live dead ratio, membrane integrity and sperm concentration, post chilling for motility, morphology, live dead ratio, membrane integrity and frozen thawed for motility, morphology, live dead ratio and membrane integ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 4, Pages 1203-1598


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