Neenish Rana, Nosheen Ehsan, Awais Ihsan and Farrukh Jamil* regarded as molecular fossils, non-functional by-products of genome evolution. However, it has been indicated by several lines of evidences that some pseudogenes are active. Using current data of NCBI we have retrieved 65 pseudogenes from the genome sequence of human pathogenic bacteria Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) strain 26695. Computational analysis of the genome showed 6 transcriptionally active pseudogenes that can produce stable mRNA s...
Muhammad Hanif1,*, Naureen Rana1, Muhammad Akbar Khan2, Muhammad Javed1 and Muhammad Sajjad Khan1
Muhammad Khaled Siddiq1, Ayesha Riaz2, Muhammad Akbar Khan1, Muhammad Adeeb Babar1, Khalid Mahmood1,* and Muhammad Akhtar1
Muhammad Adeeb Babar1,*, Sayyad Ghyour Abbas1, Muhammad Akbar Khan1, Kiran Aftab2, Muhammad Hanif1, Muhammad Asim1 and Muhammad Akhtar1

 Tasneem Ikram1, Asmat Salamat2, Muhammad Akbar Khan2, Muhammad Adeeb Babar*2, Khalid Mahmood2, Rabia Shahid2, Muhammad Akhtar2

Additional Fossils of Sivalhippus perimensis (Mammalia, Equidae) from the Late Miocene Siwaliks of Pakistan

Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 33, Iss. 2, pp. 99-248


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