Serkan Sayiner1* and Hilal Karagul2
...seasons. We suggest that feed supplements containing selenium should be added for the Iskele region during the winter months. For the Morphou region we advise that feed supplements should be added during summer due to low levels of selenium found in roughages.

 Abid Hussain*, Imdad Hussain Mirza and Muhammad Azeem Khan**

...onducted to find out the feed supplementation practices of goats in the Pothowar region. Data for this study was collected for the complete calendar year 2008. Data sheets were prepared in Urdu and provided to 100 literate female household members belonging to ten villages of tehsil Talagang of Chakwal district for data collection. According to the findings of the study, average number of goats per household was four; two does and two nonmilking goats. Goats w...
Nay Naing Htoo1, Basit Zeshan1,2,*, Aung Tun Khaing1, Than Kyaw1, Erkihun Aklilu Woldegiorgis1 and Mohd Azam Khan1
...dy showed that the creep feed supplementation to nursing goat kids improve rumen morphology.
Zia-ud-Din1, Muhammad Nauman Aftab2, Tanveer Hussain3,*, Irfana Iqbal4 and Asma Zafar5
...varied significantly for feed supplements as well as for chicken varieties (P<0.05). The chickens given feed with probiotic (@1g/kg of feed were of more economic value than those fed on antibiotic supplemented feed and control with highest live body weight of 183.58±6.31g gaining 143.13±6.37g weight, multiplying their weight 4.56±0.17 times over the initial body weight with feed intake of 668.82±31.11g showing most efficient FCR ...
Shad Mahfuz1,2, Shuyuan Wang1, Mo Chen1, Fei Zao1, Dong Zhen1
Zhongjun Liu4 and Hui Song1,3*
...d at 4%level as a unique feed supplement to improve egg quality, and health status of laying hens.
Shikun Ge1, 2, Yanli Yang3, Brindha Chelliappan4, 5, Antonysamy Michael5, Fagang Zhong1 and Xiaoying Zhang1, 2, 3, 4*
...bodies from egg yolk for feed supplements remain major problems in mass production. Based on Based on IgY antibody titer, IgY thermostability, IgY acid and alkali resistance, resistance to trypsin and pepsin, four different IgY purification methods (PEG extraction, water dilution method, the effect of liquid egg yolk and egg yolk powder preparations) on the activity of IgY antibodies was investigated. The results showed that IgY was stable below 70 o

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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