Urooba Pervaiz1, Abdus Salam1, Dawood Jan2, Ayesha Khan1 and Mahmood Iqbal

...rains in the adoption of extension recommendations were high price of agricultural inputs, non-availability of; cold storage, agricultural credit and certified vegetable seeds, lack of fertilizers and technical knowledge, pest and diseases incidence, improper marketing of produce in the study area.  


Sanaullah and Urooba Pervaiz* 

...rence of Rs.104457 after extension recommendations. It is concluded that extension department performed well in the empowerment of farmers and increasing crop yield in the study area. The study recommends need based trainings for growers, availability of credit/loan facilities, provision of subsidized inputs and irrigation water in the study area. 


Urooba Pervaiz1*, Madeeha Iqbal1 and Dawood Jan2 

...ositive attitude towards extension recommendations, 93% farmers knew extension workers both by name and face and also knew extension recommendations, but they faced problems like small land holding, high prices of inputs, poor financial position and lack of labour in adoption of these recommendations. Half of the sample respondents reported satisfaction from different extension activities/facilities like location of extensio...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 35, Iss. 4, Pages 1020-1356


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