Wang Tian1, Huayong Zhang1,*, Jian Zhang2, Lei Zhao1, Mingsheng Miao3 and Hai Huang1

... relationships with both environmental factors and phytoplankton biomass are investigated in Lake Nansihu. A total of 76 zooplankton species were identified in the lake, including 17 protozoa, 36 rotifera, 12 cladocera and 11 copepods species, respectively. Zooplankton species richness changed slightly in the four seasons but varied a lot in different positions. Protozoa was absolutely dominated in zooplankton abundance and its mean value ranged from 2710.2 in...
Muhammad Mansoor, Zaigham Abbas and Nageen Husssain*
... presently accepted that environmental factors trigger the disease in genetically sensitive individuals. Gluten, a protein fraction commonly found in wheat grains, associated with food related disorders and a number of autoimmune diseases. We hypothesized that gluten containing diet would further exacerbate an already undergoing arbitrary immune reaction in SLE patients. Pristane was injected in female BALB/c mice to induce the disease. After five months, mice...
Tasleem Akhtar*, Muhammad Asif Aziz, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Sheraz Ahmedand Imran Bodlah
...2015). Among the abiotic environmental factors, temperature had a strong, significant and positive correlation with the foraging activity of A. mellifera on B. napus (r= 0.766; P= 0.0037 **), whereas relative humidity and rainfall had significantly negative correlation (r= -0.759; P= 0.0041 **, r= -0.715; P= 0.0089 **).
Muhammad Shahid Saeed1, Adeela Shahid2, Samia Jawed3, Muhammad Akram4, Irshad Hussain Qureshi5 
... genetic, behavioral and environmental factors. There are many drugs available for asthma and magnesium sulphate is given intravenously as an important adjunct therapy during the acute severe attack of asthma
Objective: This study was panned to determine the effect of intravenous MgSO4 on pulmonary function test in acute severe attack of asthma.
Methodology: A double blind placebo control study was conduced on a...
Haozhen Liu1, Xiangfu Li2, Yinong Wang1,*, Xun Liu3,4, Li Wang1, Dong Liu1, Chen Chen1, Jinjing Li1, Haifeng Jiao5 and Zhongjie You1,5
...r colour are the certain environmental factors that have proved shaping the distribution of macrobenthic abundance, diversity and multivariate structure of the assemblages.

Durr-e- Samin Tahir*, Waqar Nasir, Sarah Bushra, Fatima Batool

Height trends in the population of Rabwah, district Chiniot, Pakistan and comparison with WHO standards
...irs. It is influenced by environmental factors such as nutrition, disease and lifestyle. A study was carried out to compare the height trends of
the local population of Rabwah with WHO standards. A total of 4293 accurate observations (male=2084 female =2209) were recorded. The age group chosen for present study is 5-19 years which is the phase of growth and height
increase. Heights of the parents and siblings up to 25 are also recorded for furthe...

Sadaf Niaz1, Masroor Ellahi Babar2, Tanveer Hussain2, Asif Nadeem1, Misbah Hussain1, Riffat Mehboob3*, Fridoon Jawad Ahmad3

Mutation analysis of RING1 domain of Parkin in early onset of Parkinson’s disease in Pakistani patients-a pilot study
...e or due to other
environmental factors. However, we have limitation of sample size due to less occurrence of disease in this area. The
current study is very important for successive researches in Pakistan as the disease ratio is increasing continuously
due to consanguineous marriages.

Xiao-Ying Ren1, Di Zhang2 and Wan-Long Zhu1,*
...enced by diet. Thus, the environmental factors (temperature, humidity and diet) may lead to the difference of geometric morphometry of skulls characteristics in Eothenomys.
Ajmal Khan Kassi1*, Humayun Javed1 and Tariq Mukhtar2 
...population and different environmental factors was also studied. Average relative humidity was found positive and significantly correlated with fruit infestation. Average precipitation showed positive but non-significant correlation in case of all the cultivars except Singhnath 666 which was positive and significant. On the other hand, average temperature was found non-significant and negatively correlated in case of Brinjal Long 6275, Round Brinjal 86602 and ...
Marian Kuczaj1, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska2,*, Alicja Mizera1, Renata Pilarczyk2, Bogumiła Pilarczyk3 and Patryk Barton1
...of selected breeding and environmental factors on the results of rearing heifers of the phf red-white variety. The research included 133 cows and heifers and their offspring, i.e. 116 calves only from single pregnancies. The calves were weighed and the zoometric measurements were carried out on the day of birth, at the age of 1 month and 6 months, and daily increments were calculated in the analyzed periods. Data regarding cows included: BCS condition, ...
Hafiza Sadaf Zahra1, Asia Iqbal2, Sayyeda Hira Hassan1, Hafiz Abdullah Shakir1*, Muhammad Khan1*, Muhammad Irfan3, Chaman Ara1, Shaukat Ali4
...ases are associated with environmental factors. Artificial light at night (ALAN) is considered one of the major environmental risk factors for breast cancer. It inhibits production of melatonin (MLT) from pineal gland which results in abnormal epigenetic changes that relates with an increased risk of BC. The most important ALAN-mediated epigenetic changes include methylation of DNA and acetylation of histone, which are significant for growth, development and p...
Muhammad Asif Gondal, Qazal Waheed, Sana Tariq, Waseem Haider, Aisha Khan, Qudsia Rasib and Haroon Ahmed*
... of freshwater snails to environmental factors. However, only 3 species of snail were found from the 13 sites of Islamabad during the period of study. The presence of the snails like Melanoides tuberculata, Indoplanorbis exustus and Gyraulus convexiusculus belonging to Family Planorbidaeand Family Thiaridae. Freshwater snail samples were collected from Islamabad and Rawalpindi in screw capped sterilized bottles from various localities during the ...
Veli Sel1, Isa Yilmaz2,* and Mete Yanar3
...stigate the role of some environmental factors affecting the somatic cells count (SCC) in the farms of Anatolian water buffalos in Igdir. For this purpose, a total of 637 milk samples gathered from 91 animals raised in 54 farms were analyzed and statistically evaluated. The age and education level of the farmers and the effect of the milker on the SCC were found to be significant (P <0.001). SCC value (65.930 ± 2.484 cells/ml) was found to be the low...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 3, Pages 825-1224


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