Albina Gabdrakhimovna Darmenova1, Samat Ravkhatovich Yusupov2, Abzal Kenesovich Kereyev1*, Mirzabek Gashimovich Zukhrabov2, Yerbol Maratovich Sengaliyev1, Dosmukan Ermuhkanovich Gabdullin1, Berik Garipullievich Satybaev1 

...he uterus and postpartum endometritis. The device for determining uterine contractions allows for early diagnosis of uterine abnormalities in the placenta stage and the postpartum period.

Keywords | Interval of uterine contractions, Postpartum endometritis, Retained placenta, Strength of uterine contractions, Uterine subinvolution, Device for determining uterine contractions. 


Yahia A. Amin1*, Alaa Eldin Z. Mahmoud2, Mohamed Sabry Aref3, Abd El-Latif Shaker Seddek4, Waleed Younis5 

...airy farms is postpartum endometritis. It can destroy the future of dairy farms and the dairy industry since it leads to prolonged days open and prolonged intercalving intervals, resulting in involuntary culling. The current study aimed to detect the most sensitive antibiotic to different types of microorganisms responsible for endometritis and its effect on the days open and pregnancy rate. The current study was carried out...

Zubair Ali, Muhammad Sohail*, Yasir Ameen, Hamidullah, Ishtiaq Ahmed and Mehwish Malik

Yue-Xia Ding1, Qun Wu2, Zhao Namula1 and Yi Ma1,*

...ase such as mastitis and endometritis in dairy farming. The virulence factors produced by Streptococcus are related to the occurrence of inflammation. To investigate the correlation between antimicrobial resistance and virulence traits of bovine Streptococcal isolates. Induced resistance was conducted for Streptococcus pneumonia ATCC49619 and erythromycin-sensitive strains by gradually increasing the antimicrobial concentration. Plasmid conjugation test was ca...

Isatay Tusupovich Jakupov, Gulzhan Tursunovna Yeszhanova, Gulnur Kurbanalievna Mamytbekova* 

...use for the treatment of endometritis in cows. A total of 270 cows were examined by clinical methods after calving, of which 45 cows showed signs of acute endometritis. Subsequently, the bacterial background of uterine mucus in sick cows was investigated and St. pyogenes, E. faecalis, and E. coli were isolated. For the complex treatment of acute postpartum endometritis, the cows of the exp...

Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Vol. 11, Iss. 9, pp. 1411-1596


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