Siyu Yang1, Fukuan Du2 and Pao Xu1,2*

...ected during early-stage embryonic development, decreased during subsequent developmental stages then increased gradually from the stage of midgastrula onward. This study provides some basic evidence that SS1 may play a role in growth, development and metabolism in C. nasus, and provides a basis for further study of SS neuropeptide family in C. nasus.

Mushtaq Ahmad1,*, Mehboob Ahmed1,2 and Nasim Ahmad1
...essful fertilization and embryonic development. Different techniques have been used to determine the integrity of DNA in which acridine orange (AO) assay is easy and less costly. Though used in many species but the variability exists in technique. Therefore, the present study was aimed to optimize the steps of AO staining protocol for buffalo sperm which has not been explored yet. Semen was collected from two mature buffalo bulls, diluted in tris citrate egg y...
Xue-yang Wang1, Shang-zhi Zhang1, Ming-hui Liu2, Dong Yu1, Yan Ma1, Dong-qiong Fei1, Hai-zhong Yu1 and Jia-ping Xu1,*
...sion levels in the early embryonic development, relatively high expression levels in the 1st day and 5th day of the pupa stage, and highest expression levels in the molting stage. What’s more, BmARM-like protein could be detected by immunofluorescence in all analyzed tissues, including head, midgut, hemolymph, fat body, testis and ovary. More importantly, the relatively high expression level of BmARM-like mRNA were observed i...
Mousa O. Germoush1,*, Mohsen G. Al-Mutary2, Ahmad R. Al-himaidi3, Muath G. Al-Ghadi3, Daisaku Iwamoto3,4, Yousef Al-anazi3, Aiman Ammari3, Javed Ahmad3,5, Abdulaziz Al-Khedhairy3,5
...maturation and early embryonic development after in vitro fertilization. Sheep follicular fluid (SFF) was collected from different ovaries and supplemented to the in vitro maturation (IVM) media with proportions 0%, 10%, 20% and 40%. Oocyte maturation was assessed in different treatments and then cumulus-oocyte complexes were used for in vitro fertilization. Relative quantitative expression of mRNA transcripts related to apoptosis (Bax...
Hong Ma*, Bo Fu, Liang Wang, Zhong-qiu Li and Di Liu*


...ces of HSPC117 on embryonic development, we generated transgenic porcine embryos by handmade cloning. We then assessed the embryonic developmental rate at cleavage and blastocyst stages. Our results showed that the HSPC117 transgenic embryos had markedly higher cleavage and blastocyst rates when compared to the embryos with pcDNA 3.1 vector, (69.7 ± 3.5% vs. 64.6 ± 1.8%, and 24.8 ± 2...
Jian Yang1, Guangxiang Tong2, Zhipeng Sun2, Xianhu Zheng2, Weihua Lv2, Dingchen Cao2, Xiaowen Sun2 and Youyi Kuang2*
...xpression differences in embryonic development stages (3 hpf, 6 hpf, 12 hpf, 24 hpf, and 72 hpf) and post-embryonic stages (15 dpf, 30 dpf, 45 dpf, 60 dpf and 75 dpf). Compared to the wild-type (WT) siblings, the mutants showed no significant differences in the 5 gene expressions. Among different development stages, the expression levels and patterns of the 5 genes in the mutants were similar to that of WT zebrafish in both embryonic and post-
Md. Alal Hossen1, Mohammad Amzad Hossain1*, A.K.M. Munzurul Hasan1,2, Bipresh Das1, Sohel Mian1, Mohammed Mahbub Iqbal1
... of this catfish and its embryonic development could contribute to database and conservation approach. The S-GnRHa dose optimization and embryonic-larval development study were conducted in a freshwater condition in order specify optimal dose of synthetic hormones in induced breeding. The synthetic GnRHa was used as induction agent where male injected half of the doses of female and a control without S-GnRHa was assigned. The stages of
Arslan Mahmood Ahmad1, Muhammad Ameen Jamal1, Abdul Sattar1,  Aamir Ghafoor2, Aqeel Javeed3 and Amjad Riaz1*
...ts toxic effect on early embryonic development.Our results indicated that higher percentage of activation of mouse oocyte was achieved with 10mM and 15mM for period of 3 h and 6 h compared to the control group (P<0.05). To examine the toxic effect, 10mM SrCl2 with 3 h exposure showed minimal detrimental effect on embryo development. Collectively, our findings revealed that 10mM concentration of SrCl2 for 3 h exposure was appropriate fo...
Zhi-Peng Li, Laiba Shafique, Saif ur Rehman, Kui-Qing Cui, Xiao-Can Lei, Xing-Rong Lu, De-Shun Shi* and Qing-You Liu*
...yte maturation and early embryonic development were systemically investigated. The expression of Gas6 in the process of follicular development was studied by immunohistochemical staining, immunofluorescence, QRT-PCR and western blot. Immunohistochemical staining results showed that Gas6 was expressed in the oocytes, especially the nucleus, from the primary to preovulatory stages. The further immunofluorescence results showed that Gas6 was express...

Jiao Ma*

...ole in embryogenesis and embryonic development. So far, seven types of cardiac stem cells with different molecular phenotypes and differentiation potentials have been discovered and studied. Increased proliferation and differentiation of these cells in areas of cardiac ischemia is a significant factor in the repair and enhancement of heart injury. This role of endogenic cardiac stem cells can be regulated by factors. Numerous causes, such as paracrine and auto...
Saeed Akram Khan1, Shahid Sherzada1*, Muhammad Ashraf1, Durr-e-Shehwar1, Sonia Iqbal1, Usman Atique1,3, Farzana Abbas1, Sohail Ahmad2 and Muhammad Sultan Haider4
...breeding performance and embryonic development of C. mrigala from Pakistan.


Rashid Al Zeidi1, Haitham Al Masruri2, Aiman Al Mufarji3, Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed3, Al-Hassan Mohammed4* 

...uration stage on further embryonic development, this review aims to discuss the knowledge of oocyte maturation and its effect on further development of embryos in vivo and in vitro.

Keywords | Oocytes, Cumulus cells, Cytoplast, Nucleus, Embryos 


Abd El-Nasser Ahmed Mohammed*, Aiman Al Mufarji and Sultan Alawaid

...ertilization and further embryonic development. The changes enable the zygotes to overcome maternal zygotic transition stage and follow their developmental competence to fetus. The changes were affected by in vivo and in vitro molecules and factors of the organisms and the surrounding conditions, respectively. Because of the importance of follicular changes during growth and development stages, which reflected in the developmental competence of oocytes, an att...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 5, Pages 2003-2500


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