Tahira Perveen1,*, Shaista Emad1, Saara Ahmad2, Zehra Batool1, Sarwat Yousuf1, Sheeza Sheikh1, Sara Qadeer1 and Saida Haider1
...ime spent in open arm in elevated plus maze (EPM) was monitored weekly. Repeated administration of fennel oil for 3 weeks showed significant antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like effects in FST and EPM, respectively which were comparable to fluoxetine treated group. A significant increased cholesterol levels were observed in fluoxetine treated rats which was not observed in fennel oil treated rats. Therefore, repeated administration of fennel oil may exert antid...
Rafia Sadaf1, Ishrat Younus2*, Sidra Maqbool2, Talha Bin Fayyaz3Sarah Jameel Khan1, Sidra Siddique1 and Rida Fatima1
Aamir Mushtaq1,2, Rukhsana Anwar1 and Mobasher Ahmad1,2,* 
.... Mice were subjected to elevated plus maze, hole board and light dark paradigm on (day 7th and 8th), for behavioral studies after which their brain were removed by decapitation for biochemical assessment. Results indicated the existence of total phenols (170.14 ± 1.16 mg of GAE/g of extract), flavonoids (87.67 ± 0.67 mg of RE/g of extract), tannins (194.04 ± 1.79 mg of TAE/g of extract) and anti-oxidants (IC50

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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