Muhammad Afzal1 and Murad Khan2*

...align: justify;">To make economic analysis of broiler poultry farms, a survey research was carried out in district Lower Dir in 2015. Four tehsils were selected namely Adinzai, Balambat, Timergara and Sumerbagh on the basis of purposive sampling technique. From these tehsils, 92 farms were selected randomly from 460 poultry farms. The sample farms were categorized into three groups i.e. small, medium and large. For analysing the data, descriptive statistics an...
Muhammad Aqeel Sarwar1*, Abid Ali2, Manzoor Hussain2, Saadia3, Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar4, Ijaz Ahmad5 and Sohail Latif6
...rmance of F2, economic analysis showed that maximum net income and benefit cost ratio were obtained where (F3)75% recommended dose of NPK + 1.5 t ha-1 poultry manure was applied. Therfore, it can be concluded that 75% recommended dose of NPK + 1.5 t ha-1 PM along with Azospirillum seed inoculation could be a better management approach for sustainable wheat production.

Sidra Majeed, Shahid Ahmad*, Asif Ali Bhatti** and Ghazanfar Abbas***

 Sumia Bint Zaman, Sidra Majeed and Shahid Ahmad* conduct a comparative economic analysis of alternate feasible options e.g. production of oilseeds, which are also being imported in large quantities. Temporal analysis (1950-09) for edible oil consumption, production and imports is made. Projections for edible oil are worked out up to 2030. As there have been large variations in yield of Jatropha reported by various studies conducted in India and other countries, therefore most reliable data have been selec...

 Parvez Khaliq*, Azim Malik**, Nasir Mahmood Cheema* and Muhammad Umair***


 Imdad Ali Mahmood*, Arshad Ali**, Armghan Shahzad**, Muhammad Asif Masud Ghumman***, Muhammad Arshad Ullah**, Tariq Sultan** and Badar-u-Zaman**


 Ehsanullah*, Muhammad Amjad Shahzad*, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum*, Ali Zohaib*, Muhammad Ishfaq* and Ejaz Ahmad Warraich*

Naeem Ahmad1,* and Zulqurnain2*
... for farming, however an economic analysis for both strains determining benefit to cost ratio is pre-requisite before final recommendations.

Amar Razzaq1, Abdur Rehman4*, Abdul Hassan Qureshi2, Iqbal Javed3, Raheel Saqib5 and Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal6 

...udy aimed to conduct the economic analysis of high efficiency irrigation systems in Punjab province of Pakistan. We also measured and compared the water productivity of modern and conventional-irrigated farms. We used primary data collected from 120 farmers located in Nurpur Thal, Bhalwal, Sargodha and Lodhran districts of Punjab province. These areas were purposively selected based on relatively higher concentration of HEI infrastructures installed on the far...

Shakeel Ahmad Anjum1, Sami Ullah1*, Muhammad Mohsin Raza2, Mohsin Raza1, Muhammad Abbas3, Ijaz Ahmad4, Malik Muhammad Yousaf2, Muhammad Zeshan5, Adeel Abbas1, Mehmood Ali Noor1 and Mohsin Nawaz1 

Muhammad Mansoor1, Khalid Usman2*, Shahid Hameed Khan Khalil3, Abdul Mateen Khattak4, Muhammad Ehsan Elahi1, Muhammad Waqas Imam Malik2 and Amir Hamza2

Turab Ali Kaurajo1*, Huma Rizwana1, Gulbahar Khaskheli2, Muhammad Haroon Baloch1, Muhammad Naeem Rajput1, Asad Ali Khaskheli3 and Mohsin Solangi

Imran1*, Amanullah1, Muhammad Arif1, Zahir Shah2 and Abdul Bari3 

.... When compared with the economic analysis and profitability of soybean the highest net returns (NR) in Pakistani Rupees (PKRs) (PKR 62.082 ha-1) were noted with the biochar amendment followed by compost (PKR 60,168 ha-1), whereas least net return NR (PKR 41,548 ha-1) was recorded with peach residues incorporation. The value cost ratio (VCR) was highest with compost application (5.48) among the organic sources followed by biochar (5.37), while the least VCR va...
Zekeriya Demir1 and Hatice Kaya2*
...n addition, according to economic analysis, the net income for hen fed 1.5% BP addition dietincreased by about 0.62% compared to control group. Therefore, bee pollen may be used in laying hen diets because of its psitive effects on FCR, serum cholesterol and lipid contents.



Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan1 and Jangraiz Khan2* 

... this research study the economic analysis of Tunnel farming of off-season vegetables has been done for district Peshawar. Primary data was collected from eighty-four farmers who had grown off-season vegetables through tunnel-farming, and seasonal vegetables without tunnel and their productivity were compared. It was found that output per acre in tunnel was significantly higher than that of without tunnel. All the three vegetables viz tomato, cucumber and bott...

Faisal Hafeez, Asad Aslam*, Ayesha Iftikhar, Afifa Naeem, Muhammad Faheem Akhtar and Muhammad Jawad Saleem 

...te. In addition to this, economic analysis of both years exhibited the similar descending order/trend in benefit cost ratio (BCR) as above. So the conservative strategies of using non-selective and conventional insecticides for the control of sucking fauna, especially against jassid, must be transformed / amended to most selective insect growth regulators (IGR’s) and new chemistry insecticides, that are safe and harmless for nature and environment. ...

Wajiha Anum1*, Liaquat Ali1, Umair Riaz2*, Abid Ali1, Nadia Manzoor3, Laal Hussain Akhter4, Asad Ur Rahman5, Naeem Maan6 and Ijaz Ahmad

...ic P use efficiency, and economic analysis. The results revealed that the band placement method gave the highest yield in comparison to the broadcast at sowing and broadcast at first irrigation. The best P fertilizer rate was identified as 150-120-60 NPK kg/ha. It has been recommended that wheat, when sown under band placement @ 120 kg/ha, gave maximum grain yield. 


Muhammad Rasheed1*, Zafar Ullah1, Muhammad Ansar1, Asma Hassan1, Shahzada Sohail Ijaz2, Muhammad Hussain Shah4 and Muhammad Arshadullah

...yield was optimistic. In economic analysis MT depicted the highest net benefit per hectare over both other tillage systems that are conventional and zero-tillage with values of 632.87 $ ha-1 and Rs.152.22 $ ha-1, respectively for oats and vetch. Forage growth and yield were improved for oats in oats-vetch mixture under minimum tillage while vetch performed well in crops mixture stands. Forage yield improved by oats-vetch mixture improved agronomic practices. M...

Rana Shahzad Noor1,2*, Fiaz Hussain2, Muhammad Umair2, Waqas Aslam2, Muhammad Ameen4, Muhammad Adnan Islam3 and Muhammad Sheraz2 


...nsumption and to perform economic analysis. Two years study results showed that the main crop peanut yields changed between 4331.0 kg ha-1 and 5486.6 kg ha-1, while second crop peanut yields changed between 2670.6 kg ha-1 and 3388.8 kg ha-1. The highest yield for main crop and crop peanut under different tillage methods was 2097.8 kg ha-1, while the lowest yield was observed as 1649.9 kg ha-1 respectively. The fuel consumption of main crop was measured between...

 M. Ihsan Ul Haq1, Ahmad Hussain2*, Farzana Yasmeen3, Shafiq R. Qureshi4

...lination. In this paper, economic analysis
of the solar thermal desalination system of saline water is presented. The unit cost of desalinated water is found to
be US$ 0.0147 per litre. The energy and emission payback (EEP) period for vacuum chamber and solar collector
has also been presented. The energy payback period of solar collector and vacuum chamber are found to be 1.3
years and 1.5 years respectively. The emission payback pe...

Rana Shahzad Noor1,2, Fiaz Hussain2, Irfan Abbas3, Muhammad Umair2, Abu Saad2, Muhammad Umar Farooq4 and Yong Sun1*

Assessing Sustainability of Rainfed Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) Production under Various Soil Tillage Systems: An Energy and Economic Analysis
...0.69, 0.52 and 0.32. The economic analysis results described that intense application of agricultural machinery and operations were caused more energy consumption and reduction of energy use efficiency and may compromised on net energy and profitability of agroecosystems eventually. In rainfed agriculture system, all types of tillage as zero, reduced, and conservational systems could be applied instead of conventional tillage system in wheat farming according ...

Muhammad Arsaln1, Sair Sarwar2*, Rizwan Latif1, Junaid Nawaz Chauhdary3, Munazza Yousra2 and Shahbaz Ahmad2

Effect of Vermicompost and Microbial Inoculants on Yield, Soil Fertility and Economics of Wheat under Rainfed Conditions
...s (9.4ppm) contents. The economic analysis revealed that maximum net returns were found in integrated nutrient application (RDF, VC and microbial inoculants) i.e., Rs. 67,044 ha-1 for 2017-18 and Rs. 1,03,202 ha-1 for 2nd year and minimum returns in control.

Shahzad Khan*, Munir Khan, Inayatullah Jan, Mahfooz Khan and Fida Muhammad Khan

Determinants of Sugarcane Yield in District Charsadda, Pakistan
... conducted to perform an economic analysis and to investigate determinants of sugarcane crop in district Charsadda in the year 2018. Three villages viz. Kamran Kalay, Aspandehri, and Sarfaraz Kalay were selected purposively. Primary data were collected with face to face interview method from 41 randomly selected sugarcane growers through structured questionnaire. The selection of farmers was based on proportional allocation technique in the selected villages. ...

Ali Zohaib1*, Habib Ullah2, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum2, Tahira Tabassum2, Muzzammil Hussain1, Mohsin Nawaz3, Ghulam Abbas4 and Sohail Irshad5

Effect of NPK Fertilization Strategies on Growth, Yield, Nutrient Use Efficiency and Economic Benefits of Relay Intercropped Wheat in Cotton

Muhammad Riaz Gondal1*, Sultan Ahmad Rizvi1, Aaqib Riaz2, Waqas Naseem1, Ghulam Muhammad1, Mazher Iqbal3, Humara Umer3 and Inam ul Haq3

Apposite Sowing Techniques to Optimize Productivity and Profitability of Berseem

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 4, Pages 692-956


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