Peng Chen1,2, Zuhao Huang3,Chaoying Zhu1, Yuqing Han1, Zhifeng Xu1
Guanglong Sun1, Zhen Zhang1, Dongqin Zhao4, Gang Ge1 and Luzhang Ruan1* to the estimation of divergence time corrected by fossil records of related birds and compared with previous studies, the base divergence time of Gruiformes was 46.33 (58.46~25.60) Ma, the emergence time of the suborders Grui was about 17.62 (29.76~4.15) Ma, and the emergence time of the suborders of the Ralli was about 32.18 (46.17~19.69) Ma. The origin time of Charadriiformes was about 45.44 (58.21~24.67) Ma. The origi...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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