Mohammed A. Rohaim1*, Rania F. El-Naggar2, Abdulrahman M. Gamal3, Elshaimaa Ismael3, Mohamed M. Hamoud4, Sherif T. Moubarak3, Ashraf M. Metwally1, Manal M. Zaki3, Shimaa A.E. Nasr3, Samah Elsaid3, Mohamed M. Ali3, Hussein A. Hussein1 and Osama K. Zahran3


... susceptible to all disinfectants because they are enveloped viruses. Disinfection against avian influenza viruses at the poultry farms would significantly reduce and/or limit the chance for its transmission and outbreaks. Many disinfectants have been evaluated for their inactivation ability, but there is still a need for their evaluation under different conditions and in different ways. In the present st...

D. C. Khatua, B. Mondal and G. Saha

Bioassay of some agricultural chemicals, human drugs and disinfectants on Phytophthora melonis Katsura causing fruit and vine rot of pointed gourd
...tibiotics, insecticides, disinfectants and antiprotozoal drugs were tested on Phtophthora melonis Katsura causing fruit and vine rot of pointed gourd in aqueous environment. Antifungal antibiotics viz. validamycin, kasugamycin, griseofulvin, fluconazole and ketoconazole did not have any pronounced effect on mycelial growth, sporangia formation and its germination. None of the eight antibiotics used in this study prevented mycelial growth. No sporangia formatio...

Ragia S. Mohamed1, Rania F. El Naggar2, Mamdouh. M. Hamoud1, Mohamed M. Hamoud3, Abdulrhman M. Gamal1, Samah E. Laban1, Shimaa A.E. Nasr1, Manal M. Zaki1, ElShaimaa Ismael1, Osama K. Zahran1* 

...ith the use of effective disinfectants.  


Md. Al-Amin Tan1, Mst. Antora Akter1, Md. Sabuj Rahman1, Marzia Rahman2 and Md. Mahmudul Alam1* 

... SSI, the choice of skin disinfectants and methods of skin preparation is still aberrant in veterinary practice. The study was, thus, conducted to standardize pre-surgical skin preparation with various formulations of Chlorhexidine gluconate, Chlorxylenol, and Povidone-iodine (PI) in goat. Seven surgical fields were prepared for evaluating seven formulations of these antiseptics. The bacterial swabs collected at different stages of skin preparations were trans...

Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol. 5, Iss. 2, Pages 53-120


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