Pan-pan Guo1, Wei Liu2, Yan Li2, Rui-yu Ma2, Wang Zaigui1*, Kai Zhan2*, Jun-ying Li2 and Sheng-nan Liu2 

...n traits. In particular, diplotype H1H1 had positive effect on reproduction traits, diplotype H2H4 had negative effect of reproduction traits. In conclusion, our study showed that polymorphisms of the HTT gene were significantly associated with egg production traits in two Anhui local chicken breeds, but the suggestions that HTT may be considered as a potential molecular marker for the selection of production performance-rel...
Guang-Hui Tan, Yi-Yu Zhang*, Yuan-Yu Qin, Lei Wu and Jie-Zhang Li
...Three haplotypes and six diplotypes were identified by the combination of two SNPs. Diplotypes had dominantly affected on tested lipid indexes except for IMF. Diplotype H1H1 was advantageous for the improvement of meat quality. Therefore, our data suggested that two novel SNPs: CDS 216 A>G and CDS 681 T>A in CYP7A1 gene were potential candidate markers for improving meat quality. It ...
Yan Zhou1,2, Hai Xia Han1,2, Qiu Xia Lei1,2, Jin Bo Gao1,2, Wei Liu1,2, Fu Wei Li1,2, Jie Liu1,2 and Ding Guo Cao1,2*
...kens, the haplotypes and diplotypes based on three genetic mutations (NC_006127.2:g.8467G>A, NC_006127.2:g.12321G>A and NC_006127.2:g.13876A>G) were constructed, and the associations of diplotypes with reproduction traits were assessed, their effects on gene expression were evaluated also. As a result, three haplotypes H1 (G-G-A), H2 (G-G-G) and H3 (A-A-G) were obtained, H1 was the main haplotype with a frequency of...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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