Muhammad Nasir1,*, Ata-ul-Mohsan2, Shafqat Saeed3, Munir Ahmad2, Muhammad Asif Aziz2 andMunir Ahmad4
...hat become visible after diapause completion. In the present study different diapause temperature (-2-0 ºC), (1-3 ºC), (4-6 ºC) and duration (two and three months) showed the highest survival rate of the queens after diapause period of two months at 1-3 ºC. Highest colony initiation rate was observed at 1-3 ºC for three months duration. Early pre-oviposition period...
Fakhra Soomro1,*, Riffat Sultana2 and Muhammad Saeed Wagan2 third generation of diapauses eggs of S. savignyi hatched in winter. A comparative key for immature stages of both species was constructed. Almost all immature stages occupied similar habitats as that of adults and their appropriate stages were differentiated through combination of characters i.e. coloration, morphometry, pronotum, femur bands, wing pad position and appearance of bands.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 5, Pages 1599-1997


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