Shazia Erum, Rashid Anwar and Shahid Masood*

... tested genotypes on the dendrogram, due to the geographical environment of Kasur in Punjab. In this connection ‘Benefit sharing’ mechanism can be accelerated by escalating farmer’s participation for more cultivation in the interest of country.


 Mubashir Ahmad Khan*, Muhammad Yasin Mirza*, Muhammad Amjad*, Nazakat Nawaz*, Malik Shah Nawaz* and Doulat Baig*

Riaz Aziz Minhas1,*, Muhammad Nasim Khan1, Muhammad Siddique Awan1, Basharat Ahmad1, Syda Shaista Bibi1, Mohsin Hanif1 and Afsar Mian2
...ns was high. UPGMA based dendrogram identified five distinct geographic groups, and Mantel tests (Rxy=-0.008, P>0.05) suggested a non-significant relationship between genetic distance and geographic distance. Phist PT) value suggested a significance difference in within population and between populations (PT=0.042; p=0.006) variances, suggesting that within populations variation was higher (96%) than variatio...

Mubashir Ahmad Khan*, Nazakat Nawaz, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ayub Khan, Tahira, Doulat Baig, Ihsan Ullah Khan and Shamim ul Sibtain Shah 

Khan Sher1*, Muhammad Nisar2 and Muhammad Subhan1 

...053. The Two Way Cluster dendrogram was conducted for 12 polymorphic SSR markers, which disseminated all common bean lines into two major linkages. Lineage I split at 50% similarity index into 5 clusters and sub clusters. On the same way lineage II split into two clusters at 19 % similarity index. The Genetic similarity (GS) based on SSR markers between pair of common bean lines showed high degree of dissimilarity in the genetic makeup ranging from 0.91 to 0.1...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 35, Iss. 4, Pages 1020-1356


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