Tayiba Latif Gulraiz1, Arshad Javid1*, Syed Makhdoom Hussain2, Muhammad Shahbaz3, Irfan3 and Sharoon Daud4

Wang Tian1, Huayong Zhang1,*, Jian Zhang2, Lei Zhao1, Mingsheng Miao3 and Hai Huang1

Eman Mahmoud El-Diasty1,Madeha Abd El-Halim Ibrahimand Ghada Kamal El Khalafawy2,*
Naimat Ullah Khan1,2, Muhammad Hassan Saleem1, Aneela Zameer Durrani1Nisar Ahmad3, Ayesha Hassan1, Sultan Ayaz2, Sajid Umar4, Muhammad Luqman Sohail5,*, Muhammad Shafee6, Ikramullah Khan7, Mumtaz Ali Khan1, Azmat Ullah Khan8Naimat Ullah Malik1 and Abdul Razzaq9
Muhammad Usman Saleem1, Saima Masood1,*, Hafsa Zaneb1, Aneela Zameer Durrani2, Asim Aslam3, Kamran Ashraf4, Habib-ur-Rehman5, Muti-ur-Rehman3 and Muhammad Shabir Shaheen6
... villus width, villus to crypt ratio, villus surface area, acidic, mixed and total goblet cells increased significantly (p < 0.05) in birds that were fed MOS and OAB alone and in combination whereas crypt depth decreased significantly (p < 0.05) after the selected supplementation in all small intestinal segments compared to control group. Level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) was increased significantly (p < 0....
Youbao Zhong1, Xianlai Zhang1, Xiaofen Hu1 and Yong Li1, 2,*
...ells were lacking in the crypt. The connective tissue was denser in the jejunal submucosa, but the muscularis was thicker. The intestinal glands were greatly developed in the ileum, lymphoid nodules were observed in the mucosa, and diffuse lymphoid tissue was distributed in the lamina propria. Meanwhile, goblet cells gradually increased from the duodenum to the ileum. The mast cells showed various shapes and sizes in the small intestine and could be detected a...
Naimat Ullah Khan1,2, Muhammad Hassan Saleem1, Aneela Zameer Durrani1Nisar Ahmad3, Ayesha Hassan1, Muhammad Kashif Prince1, Muhammad Luqman Sohail4,*, Mian Saeed Sarwar2, Hazrat Ali2, Tahir Usman2, Asadullah Khan2, Siffat Ullah Khan3 and Shahid Zaman5
Abdur Rahman1,*, Ibrahim Sadi Cetingul2, Ismail Bayram2, Cangir Uyarlar2, Abdil Burhaneddin Akkaya2, Eyup Eren Gultepe2, Hikmet Keles3, Aykut Ulucan4 and Zafar Hayat1
...o control group, whereas crypt depth was significantly higher in all supplemented groups specifically remarkable in group D. Thickness of the tunica muscularis was higher in group C while other groups like D, E and F showed reduction in thickness compared to control group. Overall, this study data suggest that group D, which was supplemented with 3% dried oregano leaves, showed better performance than control. We conclude here that Oregano dried leaves may hav...
Wei Meng1,3, Tianyan Yang2,*, Yunguo Liu1, Mahmut Halik1 and Tianxiang Gao2
...outh Xinjiang might be a cryptic species or subspecies of G. dybowskii. The phylogenetic analyses from 12 concatenated H-strand-encoding protein genes were conducted by Neighbor-Joining method to reveal the evolutionary relationships within subfamily Schizothoracinae. Three different grades of schizothoracine fishes were well recognized from each other in branching diagram. The primitive group and the specialized group + the highly specialized group con...
Naila Chand1, Shamsullah1, Rafiullah1, Rifat Ullah Khan2, Muhammad Mobashar3, Shabana Naz4,*, Ebrahim Rowghani5 and Murad Ali Khan2
...ly higher villus height, crypt depth and goblet cell count was recorded with MOS-100 while values lower with MOS-0 treatment. It was concluded that improvement in growth performance, intestinal histomorphology and relative weight of lymphoid organs in broiler chicks during starter phase was attributed to the supplementation of MOS.
Muhammad Asad Saleem1,*, Mirza Abdul Qayyum1, Mudssar Ali1, Muhammad Amin2, Muhammad Tayyab1,3 and Sumaira Maqsood4
...gent of control for this cryptic insect.
Muhammad Tufail1, Naila Chand1, Rafiullah1, Shakoor Ahmad2, Rifat Ullah Khan2, Muhammad Mobashar3 and Shabana Naz4,*
...ly higher villus height, crypt depth and goblet cell count were recorded in MOS-100. It was concluded from the results that improvement in growth performance, intestinal histomorphology and relative weight of lymphoid organs in broiler chicks during finisher phase was attributed to MOS at the level of 100 mg/kg.
Zahra Eftekhar1, Morteza Naderi2,*, Mohammad Kaboli3, Hamid R. Rezaei4 and Nematollah Khorasani3
...the presence of multiple cryptic refugia for Fat dormouse as a small forest-dwelling species during paleontological oscillations. Such findings correspond to those of previous molecular and niche analyses. Our research also confirms an ideal capability of morphological approaches in species evolutionary assessments.
Imran Khan1, Muhammad Nawaz1,*, Aftab Ahmad Anjum1, Mansur-ud-Din Ahmad2, Adnan Mehmood1, Masood Rabbani1, Amina Mustafa1 and Muhammad Asad Ali1
...rameters (villus height, crypt depth and villus height to crypt depth ratio) were studied at day 35. Broiler administered with IKP23, IKP111 and IKP333 significantly improved villus height and villus height to crypt depth ratio as compared to positive control. D-xylose absorption was also enhanced in groups administered with probiotics. It is concluded that IKP23, IKP111 and IKP333 may imp...
Muhammad Tariq Rasheed1, Imran Bodlah1*, Ammara Gull e Fareen1,2, Muhammad Shakeel Khokhar1
...generalized foragers and cryptic in nature. Collected material was verified using most recent and available literature provided by Bharti and Akbar (2014). Herein we report one species of this genus C. raja (Forel, 1902) based on queen for the first time from Himalayan Foothills of Pakistan. Differential diagnosis, morphometric and illustrations are provided with not...

Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 35, Iss. 2, pp. 167-268


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