Yingbin Wang*, Ting Ye, Xiaogang Wang and Congyu Zhou

...release number of larval crab (RELE), and sea surface temperature (SST). The results showed that the interpretation ratio (IR) of the 6 factors reached 83.76%, within which the IR of the RELE is the largest (26.02%). The IRs of NMV and PTV also exceed 20% (20.21% and 20.10%, respectively). The IRs of SST, PMV and NTV are similar, and all are between 5.6% and 6%. The catch of P. trituberculatus positively correlated with the fishing efforts of main catch vessel...

Noor Us Saher1, Zunaira Amanat2, M. Asif Gondal3 and Naureen Aziz Qureshi4,*

... size of male and female crabs within sexes; (M. planipes: t = -4.93, P < 0.005) and (A. lunaris: t = -2.92, P<0.005). Various morphometrical relationships were demonstrated that the males of M. planipes and A. lunaris were larger in size and heavier than females (4.34g ± 0.9g; 14.86 ± 6.8g and 3.87g ± 0.6g; 11.66 g ± 5.4 g) respectively. There was a negative allometry for both male and females of M. planipes and A. lunaris fo...

Fukuan Du1,2, Yan Li2, Zhixin Wen1, Ruguo Chen1 and Pao Xu2*

...ify;">The Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) is one of the most studied and deconomically important crustaceans in China. However, the production scale does not meet the market demand. This resulted in excessive fishing, which almost caused extinction of the species in the the Yangtze River. Therefore, it is very urgent to carry out genetic breeding to improve yield. In this study, we developed SSR markers by transcriptome, which could be used to geneti...
Shazia Rasheed1,* and Javed Mustaquim2
...d by two Portunus crabs, Potunus pelagicus and p. sanguinolentus, they belong to five species; namely Octolasmis angulata (Aurivillius, 1894), O. cor (Aurivillius, 1894), O. lowei (Darwin, 1851), O. tridens (Aurivillius, 1894) and O. warwickii Gray, 1825. The rate of infestation was found markedly low in P. pelagicus (2.9 %) and P. sanguinolentus (10.8 %) during present investigation....
Muhsan Ali Kalhoro1,2, Danling Tang1,*, Ye Hai Jun1, Morozov Evgeny1, Sufen Wang1 and Muhammad Aslam Buzdar
... the population state of crab fishery from Pakistani waters. The catch and effort data of crab fishery from 1999-2009 were obtained from and handbook of Fisheries Statistics of Pakistan. Two computer software programs CEDA and ASPIC were used which were based on surplus production models. From CEDA Fox, Schaeder and Pella-Tomlinson were used with initial proportion (IP) 0.9 were used because the starting catch was 90% of the...
Mehmet Aydın*


...ng in the Black Sea. The crab samples were obtained between 2010 and 2016 by SCUBA, trawl, trammel net, and dredges at six locations (Kastamonu, Sinop, Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, and Trabzon). Total carapace length (CL) and weight (W) of each individual were recorded with an accuracy of 0.01 cm and 0.01 g, respectively. During the sampling period, a total of 5932 crab individuals belonging to five species were collected and...
Bin Wang1, 2, Qianji Ning1,*, Qian Wang2, Wei Peng2, Tong Hao2,*and Jinsheng Sun2,*

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 1, Pages 1-398


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