H. Liu1, X.P. Tang1, R.J. Fang1,*, F.Yi2, C. Zhang2, R.Q. Yang1, F. Sun1 and S.Y. Zhou1 

...ce of different level of copper amino acids complex on growth performance and serum Cu-Zn SOD activity in piglets. A total of 288 (144 castrated males and 144 females) healthy post-weaned at 23-day-old piglets (Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire) with an average body weight of (8.79±1.15) kg were randomly divided into 6 groups with 8 replicates in each group, and 6 piglets (3 castrated males and 3 females) per replicate. Control group was fed a ba...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 2, Pages 401-800


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