Maurice A. Finocchiaro

... This ended the original controversy, but generated a new one that continues today, for example, about whether the condemnation proves the incompatibility between science and religion. Recently the Galileo affair has been studied by several scholars whom I label “Berkeley para-clericals,” chiefly philosopher Paul Feyerabend and historian John Heilbron. Their approach is distinctive: it views controversial topics involving the relationship between s...
Chaman Ara1*, Asmatullah1, Sehrish Kanwa1, Asma Chaudhary2, Ayesha Siddiqua1
...ons. Keeping in view the controversy about its toxicity, current study was conducted to assess the levofloxacin induced hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and its likely noxious effects on spermatogenesis in mammals. Forty mice, randomly categorized into four groups (N=10) were administered orally with different concentrations of levofloxacin (0.00, 9.37, 18.75 and 37.50µg/g BW of mice) for 30 days consecutively. Mice were sacrificed on 31st day (...

Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 35, Iss. 2, pp. 167-268


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