Samra Imran1,* and Afifa Tanweer2
...cipants reported partial compliance to GFD. Compliant participants reported an increased consumption of junk food whereas, non-compliant patients, consumed significantly higher intakes of meat and fat. Regular intake of carbonated beverages, packaged juices and tea by the participants was associated with poor anthropometric measurements. Contrary to the study hypothesis, increased compliance to GFD and other demographic and ...

Anza Zahid*, Muhammad Ali Ayub, Mujtaba Saeed, Nasir Pasha, Abdul Jabbar Dar, Huzaifa Javed, Aimen Shakeel, Amna Nasir, Ana Akbar, Zainab Tarrar and Ayesha Humayun 

... chronic disease and non-compliance attitude of patients poses a great challenge to the success of therapy. Multiple factors influence compliance among diabetics and other chronic diseases and non-compliance results in avoidable consequences and complications. In order to determine the magnitude and factors of non-compliance to physicians’ advice i...
Nazish Imran 
...consequences, undermines compliance with health regimens and reduces the capacity of societies to be safe and productive”.(2) More than half of all mental disorders have an onset in childhood and adolescence with suicide being the third leading cause of death among adolescents.(1), (3) Child & adolescent mental health thus needs to be considered & emphasized a...

Annals of King Edward Medical University


Vol. 24, Iss. 1, Pages 1-153

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