Zuhao Huang1, Feiyun Tu2 and Dianhua Ke1*

... large distribution. The complete mitochondrial genome of Blue-throated Bee-eater M. viridis was determined. The mitogenome is a circular DNA molecule of 18,295 bp and comprises of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNA genes, two rRNA genes and two control regions CR and CCR, which was first reported in the order Coraciiformes. The overall A+T content for the mitogenome is 52%, and the GC and AT skews are -0.400 and 0.108. Unlike to many other birds, no extr...

Zisha Liu1, Na Song1, Takashi Yanagimoto2, Zhiqiang Han3, Bonian Shui3 and Tianxiang Gao3*

Yunjun Yan, Zhenming Lü, Tianming Wang, Yongjiu Chen, Jingwen Yang, Baoying Guo, Lihua Jiang, Changwen Wu and Liqin Liu*
...oda species based on the complete mitochondrial genome showed that the O. dollfusi is most closely related to Amphioctopus aegina. These results seems to support the recent notion that O. dollfusi should be considered as synonym of Amphioctopus aegina. More morphologic and molecular evidences should be involved to resolve the taxonomic status of O. dollfusi in future’s studies.
Baoying Guo*1, Yu Chen1, Chuan Zhang2, Zhenming Lv1, Kaida Xu3, Hongling Ping4 and Huilai Shi4
Wei Meng1,3, Tianyan Yang2,*, Yunguo Liu1, Mahmut Halik1 and Tianxiang Gao2
...iang. In this study, the complete mitochondrial genomes of G. dybowskii from Tarim River system (16, 677bp) and Ili River system (16, 667bp) were sequenced. Besides, their genetic characteristics were also identified and compared simultaneously. Genetic distance and sequence differentiation suggested that great genetic variation existed within species and the sample from Kaidu River in South Xinjiang might be a cryptic species or subspecies of G. dyb...
Ai Guo1,2,3, Jiaguang Xiao4, Binbin Shan4, Tianxiang Gao5 and Yongdong Zhou3,*
...ny of Coilia, the complete mitochondrial genomes of two lineages in Coilia mystus were compared. They were all typical circular double stranded DNA molecule with 17075 bp in C. mystus N and 16964 bp in C. mystus S, respectively, containing the standard metazoan set of 22 transfer RNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes and non-coding regions. The mitogenomes of C. mystus N and C. mystus S shared the i...
Zisha Liu1, Na Song1, Takashi Yanagimoto2, Zhiqiang Han3, Bonian Shui3 and Tianxiang Gao3,*
Rishen Liang*, Meng Zhou, Zhenxiang Lin, Guozhang Li, Yuan Chen, Xuan Lin and Zaohe Wu
... at the molecular level, complete mitochondrial genomes of the two species were first determined. The genomes were 16,546 bp (P. orientalis) and 16,545 bp (P. vittatus) in size, respectively, which both consisted of a typical structure of 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer RNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, and one noncoding control region. Genomic composition, organization and gene order were similar to that obtained in most vertebrates. By com...
Jingchen Chen, Zhaochao Deng and Zhiqiang Han*
...ntrol area. Based on the complete mitochondrial genome and COI gene, we can identify the phylogenetic relationship of A. personatus to other Perciformes species. Our results clearly demonstrate that the high-throughput sequencing method is the methodology of choice for generating complete mtDNA genome sequences.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 4, Pages 1203-1598


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